The opening exercises were conducted by Rev. J. A. Heys in the usual manner. From the credentials it appeared that all the churches were represented by two delegates. The credentials are accepted. Classis is declared constituted. It is Rev. H. Hoeksema’s turn to preside, while Rev. J. A. Heys serves as secretary for this session of Classis. The Formula of Subscription is signed by those delegates who are present at the Classis for the first time.

The minutes of the previous meeting of Classis are read and approved. The Revs. Ophoff and Jonker are given advisory vote.

The reply of Hudsonville’s consistory to the request of the last Classis is read and received. But Classis expresses further that this reply cannot be accepted as satisfactory because Hudsonville had put forth no effort to rectify matters.

The request of South Holland for Classical appointments is granted. The following committee is appointed by the Chair to arrange these Classical appointments: Rev. B. Kok, Rev. J. De Jong and elder R. Regnerus. Later in the day this committee presents the following schedule which was adopted by Classis:

April 15, A. Petter; April 22, H. De Wolf; April 29, J. A. Heys. May 6, J. De Jong; May 14, W. Hofman; May 20, M. Gritters; May 27, G. Lubbers. June 3, J. Schipper; June 10, R. Veldman; June 17, H. Veldman; June 24, B. Kok. July 1, A. Petter; July 8, H. De Wolf.

The Classical Committee reports that they had examined and approved the papers of Rev. L. Vermeer who had accepted a call to Pella, Iowa, and had appointed Rev. G. Lubbers as Counsellor. They had also made arrangements for Classical appointments up to the time of the April Classis.

Oak Lawn also requested the appointment of a Counsellor caused by the departure of Rev. L. Vermeer. Rev. B. Kok was appointed to fill this vacancy.

Later in the day Classis appoints Rev. M. Gritters as Counsellor for South Holland in the place of Rev. G. Lubbers.

An instruction from Holland requesting information in regard to Classical back-debts, Classical assessments and how the amounts received are distributed among the various funds.

The Classical treasurer is asked to give the necessary information to the consistory of Holland.

The following instruction was received for information:

“The Consistory of the Second Protestant Reformed Church herewith notifies Classis of the following:

The corporate state of the Roosevelt Park Protestant Reformed Church was dissolved January 14, 1943.

The present membership is now incorporated as the Second Protestant Reformed Church.

We desire therefore henceforth to be addressed accordingly, and that Classis make note of this change in its records.”

An instruction from Fuller Ave. is read requesting Classis to overture Synod to reprint the History of the Protestant Reformed Churches. Classis decides to send this overture through to Synod with the amendment that the History be brought up to date.

Fuller Ave. also asks advice of Classis in regards to erasing two members by baptism for neglecting all means of grace. After the consistory gives additional light in this matter Classis advises the consistory to erase their names from the roll.

Grand Haven requests Classis to overture Synod to increase the number of delegates to Synod from four to six ministers and elders of each Classis in order that Synod may be a more representative body. Classis decides to do so.

Classis decides to send the following requests for subsidy through to Synod:

Randolph $1,000.00

Hope $400.00

Oak Lawn $900.00

Grand Haven $1,000.00

Creston $500.00

Kalamazoo $650.00

The following brethren are chosen as delegates to our next Synod:



Rev. H. Hoeksema

Rev. J. De Jong

Rev. R. Veldman

Rev. M. Schipper


Rev. B. Kok

Rev. G. Lubbers

Rev. M Gritters

Rev. J. A. Heys



N. Yonker

P. Schipper

E. Bylsma

M. Koning


D. Langeland

H. Meulenberg

J. Cammenga

A. De Borst

Classis decides that any secundus may serve for any Primus.

The Questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order were put to the various consistories.

Classis decided to accept the invitation of the Fourth Church to hold our next Classical meeting there, which will be the second Wednesday in July.

The minutes were read and approved. Rev. W. Hofman leads in the closing prayer.

D. Jonker, Stated Clerk