Classis met at Fuller Ave. The meeting was begun with the singing of Psalter No. 220:1-4. Rev. G. Lubbers then tread I Peter 5 and led in prayer.

The credentials revealed that 24 brethren had been delegated to this classis by the 12 churches. The credentials being read and received, classis is declared constituted.

According to rotation Rev. M. Schipper presided and Rev. G. Lubbers served as clerk. Rev. Schipper speaks a few words of welcome to the delegates, and particularly to Rev. S. Cammenga who recently came to us from Classis West.

Opportunity is given to those delegates who are present for the first time to sign the Formula of Subscription. The minutes of the preceding classical meeting are read and approved. Advisory vote is given to Rev. D. Jonker. Later in the meeting the same courtesy is extended to the visiting ministers L. Vermeer and A. Cammenga.

The committee report, tabled at the last meeting of classis, is now taken up. This committee was appointed to advise classis in re protests against a consistory, in regard to its action of permitting a member of the Christian Reformed Church to partake of communion in their midst.

The report deals with two matters. The concrete case mentioned above, and the general principles involved, whether it is principally correct to admit, under given circumstances, members of other denominations as guests to our communion table.

The committee gave some general principles which were adopted by the classis. Classis further expressed that the consistory involved erred in the application of these principles.

C res ton petitions classis to overture Synod to compose a document of protest and petition against the closed shop and other related matters and to address them to the proper authorities in Washington. Classis decided to do so.

An overture from the second Protestant Reformed Church requests that classis petition synod to:

  1. Appoint a committee of laymen to investigate the discrepancy now to be found in the amounts of the various assessments paid and the amounts of subsidies received by the churches of our denomination.
  2. Require this committee to formulate a set of definite uniform rules whereby subsidies shall be granted or denied.
  3. Require that all churches pay their assessments annually in full. Classis decides to send this overture to Synod.

Classis decides to adjourn till 1:30. Elder G. Gritters closes the morning session with prayer.

The afternoon session is opened with the singing of Psalter No. 140:1, 4, and prayer by Rev. J. D. De Jong.

Classis decides to send the overture of Grand Haven to Synod in regard to acquiring building and grounds for our Theological School.

Another overture of Grand Haven is also sent through to Synod in which they request a change in the set-up of the Mission Committee, so that the members shall be appointed from one classis only in the future.

Kalamazoo expects to build a church in the near future and asks for collections in Classis East and West. Classis decides to do as Kalamazoo requests.

Grand Haven asks for classical appointments; and that a moderator be appointed for them. Rev. W. Hofman is appointed as moderator; and the following schedule of classical appointments is approved for Grand Haven: Apr. 7 H. De Wolf; Apr. 14 M. Gritters; Apr. 28 G. Lubbers; May 5 M. Schipper; May 12 R. Veldman; May 19 H. Veldman; May 26 B. Kok; June 2 J. De Jong; June 16 S. Cammenga; June 23 J. Keys; June 30 W. Hofman; July 7 H. De Wolf.

The Consistory of Holland requests classis to overture Synod that we as churches consider the possibilities of mission work in the Netherlands. Classis decides not to lend its support to the overture from Holland.

The consistory of Oak Lawn requests classis overture Synod to compile and

edit a Year Book of our Protestant Reformed Churches. This overture will be sent through to Synod.

Classis also decided to overture Synod in regard to the amount of subsidy requested by some of our smaller churches.

Rev. S. Cammenga was appointed to express our appreciation and thanks to the ladies for their catering services.

The following delegates were chosen to represent Classis East at our Synod:


Primi:                        Secundi:

J. De Jong                  J. Heys

M. Gritters                 G. Lubbers

H. Hoeksema             M. Schipper

B. Kok                       H. Veldman


Primi:                        Secundi:

G. Gritter                   E. Bylsma

D. Jonker                   L. De Koekkoek

G. M. Ophoff               D. Ondersma

N. Yonker                   H. A. Van Putten

Rev. J. Heys is chosen to fill the unexpired term of Rev. A. Petter in the Classical Committee.

The following brethren are nominated by Classis East, subject to the approval of Synod, for the Synodical Mission Committee : The Revs. R. Veldman and B. Kok and elder D. Ondersma.

The Classical Committee reports that they had examined and approved the necessary papers of Rev. A. Petter, who left recently for Orange City, Iowa.

In connection with the questions of Art 41 of the Church Order Randolph asks what should be done in regard to services on Ascension Day since it comes on Decoration Day, May 30. Classis advises to have Ascension Day services the Sunday following, namely June 2.

The next meeting of Classis will be held the 2nd Wednesday in July at Fuller Ave.

The Committee on Netherlands Relief reads a letter from Mr. H. Vander Wilde of Rotterdam, thanking our Churches for the aid given.

The minutes are read and approved. After the singing of Psalter No. 197 Rev. R. Veldman closes with thanks to God.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk