Classis East met Wednesday, April 1, at Fuller Ave. After the singing of No. 112 from the Psalter, Rev. P. De Boer read I Cor. 13 and led in prayer.

The credential letters were received and read. Classis then is declared con­stituted, and Rev. J. De Jong is called upon to preside.

The president speaks a word of wel­come and asks the delegates who are present for the first time to sign the articles of subscription.

The minutes of the preceding meeting of Classis were read and approved.

A report of a committee in regard to the traveling expenses of the delegates is read and accepted. Classis decided that the delegates shall receive traveling expenses at the rate of four cents a mile, plus their meals, when two or more dele­gates travel in one car. Train fare and meals will be allowed for those that travel by train.

The chair appointed the following com­mittee to arrange a schedule for classical appointments: Rev. C. Hanko and the elders J. Miedema and H. Bonnes. Later in the day Classis received and adopted the following schedule which this com­mittee had prepared:

Grand Haven—Apr. 12, C. Hanko; Apr. 19, R. Veldman; Apr. 26, L. Vermeer; May 3, H. Veldman; May 10, G. M. Ophoff; May 17, J. Heys; May 24, P. De Boer; May 31, J. De Jong; June 7, M. Schipper; June 14, B. Kok; June 21, R. Veldman; June 28, C. Hanko; July 5, G. M. Ophoff.

Various requests for subsidy from, needy churches were placed in the hands of a committee appointed by the chair for the purpose of serving Classis with advice in this matter. This committee later advised to grant the following sub­sidies: Grand Haven $600.00 with a pas­tor, or $150.00 without a pastor; Hope $300.00; Kalamazoo $900.00; Creston $400.00; and Byron Center $400.00. This report was adopted by Classis.

Creston was given permission to ask for a collection in the various churches of Classis East. This same request will be brought to Synod, in order that Synod may recommend that they be given per­mission to ask for a collection from the churches of Classis West also.

A consistory asks about the proper procedure in regard to baptized members who have sinned against the seventh commandment. Classis answers that this is a matter for the local consistory to decide. Only matters that cannot be finished by the local consistory should be Drought to Classis.

Two elders bring a protest against their pastor and their consistory. The answer of the consistory is also read and accepted. This matter was discussed at length by Classis. Finally in the evening session, Classis rendered its decision. A committee was appointed to serve the cons)story with advice in this matter if the consistory feels the need of it and requests it. The Rev’s. H. Hoeksema, G. M. Ophoff, and P. De Boer were ap­pointed to serve on this committee.

There was still another protest of a brother against his consistory and his pastor which could not be treated by the Classis for the reason that the consistory had not had sufficient time to answer this protest. This matter will be taken up at the next meeting of Classis when the consistory will bring a written answer to this protest.

This being the last meeting of Classis before Synod, Synodical delegates were elected as follows:



Hoeksema, B. Kok, P. De Boer, G. M. Ophoff


Hanko, M. Schipper, J. De Jong, R. Veldman



Yonker, J. Cammenga, G. Gritter, D. Jonker


Koster, P. Schipper, N. Dykstra, J. Miedema

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order are asked of the consistories and satisfactorily answered by them.

Time and place of the next meeting of Classis will be: the first Wednesday in July at Holland, Michigan.

The Stated Clerk was instructed to thank the ladies for their excellent cater­ing services.

The minutes were read and approved. A motion to adjourn carried. Rev. B. Kok closed with a word of prayer.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk