Report of Classis East held October 3, 1962, at Hudsonville Church.

Rev. M. Schipper who presided over the special classical meeting in August led in opening devotions. After the credentials were accepted and the Classis declared properly constituted, the Rev. G. Vos presided, while the Rev. Schipper recorded the minutes.

The brethren: Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, Rev. G.C. Lubbers, Rev. J.A. Heys and Rev. G. Vanden Berg were visitors at this meeting and were given advisory vote. The last two, with Elder L. Lanting of South Holland, were a committee from Classis West seeking aid from our classis with respect to their classical appointment problem.

The committee from Classis West requested that we assist them in drawing up a schedule for classical appointments. Classis decided to help them. The churches of Kalamazoo and Southeast having requested appointments also, the chair appointed a committee to meet with the committee from the West to draw up a schedule. We publish herewith the complete schedule from Oct. 14 to Jan. 20.

Loveland: Oct. 21—J.A.H. Oct. 28—J.A.H. Nov. 11—C.H. Nov. 18—C.H. Nov. 25—J.K. Dec. 2—J.K. Jan. 6 —G.V.B. Jan. 13—G.V.B. Kalamazoo: Oct. 21—C.H. Oct. 28—H.H. Nov. 11—G.L. Nov. 25—G.V. Dec. 16—G.V. Dec. 30—G.L. Jan. 6—H.H.Isabel-Forbes: Oct. 21—J.K. Oct. 28—J.K. Nov. 4—J.K. Nov. 25—G.V.B. Dec. 2—G.V.B. Dec. 9—G.V.B. Jan. 6—B.W. Jan. 13—B.W. Jan. 20—B.W.Southeast: Oct. 28—G.L. Nov. 4—M.S. Nov. 11—G.V. Nov. 25—H.H. Dec. 9—G.L. Dec. 16—H.H. Dec. 30—G.V. Pella: Oct. 28—G.V.B. Nov. 11—G.V.B. Dec. 9—J.A.H. Jan. 20—G.V.B. Doon: Oct. 14—B.W. Nov. 11—B.W. Nov. 25—G.V.B. Dec. 2—G.V.B. Dec. 9—M.S. Dec. 16—M.S. Dec. 30—B.W. Jan. 6—J.A.H. Jan. 13—J.A.H.

The Stated Clerk presented a report relative to his correspondence, and the Classical Committee reported on its actions relative to the congregations of Kalamazoo and Southeast. The committee appointed on the July Classis to advise on the synodical action relative to the First-Southeast case were not yet ready to report, and the committee was continued and will report in January.

Two of our congregations, namely, Creston and Grand Haven decided to dissolve. With sorrow and reluctance the Classis approved of this action.

Rev. C. Hanko was appointed to thank the ladies of our Hudsonville Church for their excellent catering.

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked of each consistory and answered satisfactorily.

Classis decided to meet next time in Southeast Church on Jan. 9, 1963.

Rev. Vos made a few appropriate closing remarks which were colored by the fact of the two churches dissolving.

Brother P. Koole of Creston Church closed the meeting with thanks to God.

—M. Schipper, Stated Clerk