September 13, 2000

Faith Protestant Reformed Church

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, September 13, 2000 at the Faith PRC. Each church was represented by two delegates; Rev. J. Slopsema chaired this session. The agenda of classis was light and the session ended at noon.

But before giving a report on the business of this session, first, a correction in the Report of Classis East for May 10, 2000 as published in the July, 2000 issue of the Standard Bearer. With reference to Rev. Richard Flikkema’s credentials, it would have been better to use the language that this brother used in his letter to the classis. So, rather than stating that “The first dealt with Rev. Richard Flikkema’s request not to extend … Article 12 of the Church Order,” the report should have said that “After much prayerful consideration, I have decided that I am not going to ask for an additional extension….” The word request, as used in the previous report, gives the sense that Rev. Flikkema actively sought to terminate his credentials, which is something that he did not do.

In the September session, classis received an appeal to synod from a brother concerning a decision taken by the January 12, 2000 session of classis. The appeal questions whether classis may let “fall away” what the appellant calls “doctrinal decisions.” Classis decided not to make further response to the issues raised in this appeal, but will forward the appeal to synod with the materials pertinent to this appeal.

Classis heard reports from its Classical Committee and its Stated Clerk. The expenses of classis amounted to $945.00. Classis will meet next on Wednesday, January 10, 2001 at the Georgetown PRC.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon J. Huisken,

Stated Clerk