Report of Classis East held Oct. 4, 3961, at Southwest Church in Grand Rapids:

Rev. G. Vos presided over the opening devotions, and declared the classis properly constituted after the credentials had been accepted. All the churches except one were represented by two delegates. Rev. C. Hanko presided over this session of classis, while the Rev. G. Vos served as clerk.

This classical meeting, as the two or three preceding it, had very little work to do. Because the ladies of the host church had already prepared dinner, and because our work was finished, we had dinner at 11 a.m. It was because of this that classis made the following decision: that “classis expresses that all material coming to Classis East shall be submitted to the Stated Clerk ten days prior to its meeting, excepting the reports of standing committees.” This means that henceforth the Stated Clerk shall have the right to cancel the noon meal if the work of classis can be finished by noon. After receiving reports from the Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee, classis treated a letter received from the Stated Clerk of Classis West. The letter informed classis that the congregation in Pella, Iowa, is appealing to synod for the right to ask for collections in the churches of Classis East to help defray litigation expenses. It is also requested that our classis furnish the church at Randolph with classical appointments. Classis filed for information the first item and adopted the second.

Besides Randolph, Grand Haven and Creston also requested classical appointments. The following schedule was adopted: Creston: Oct. 29—C. Hanko, Nov. 5—G. Lanting, Nov. 12—G. Vos, Nov. 26—A. Mulder, Dec. 10—M. Schipper, Jan. 7—G. Vos, Jan. 14—H. Hanko. Grand Haven: Nov. 5—M. Schipper, Nov. 19—H. Hanko, Dec. 3—G. Lanting, Dec. 10—G. Vos, Dec. 17—R. Veldman, Dec. 31—A. Mulder, Jan. 7—C. Hanko. Randolph: Oct. 29—R. Veldman, Nov. 5—A. Mulder, Nov. 19—R. Veldman, Nov. 26—C. Hanko, Dec. 17—H. Hanko, Jan. 7—G. Lanting, Jan. 14—M. Schipper.

Classis decided to meet next time, D.V., at Creston on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1962. Elder T. Engelsma expressed the thanks of classis to the catering committee of the host church for their excellent meal. The questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. After the chairman expressed appreciation for the cooperation of the delegates and we sang a song from the Psalter, the Rev. R. Veldman closed this meeting of classis with a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

—M. SCHIPPER, Stated Clerk