Report of Classis East, meeting in Creston Church, Jan. 10, 1962. Rev. C. Hanko, who presided at the October meeting, led in the opening devotions. He also declared the Classis properly constituted after the credentials of the various delegates had been accepted. All the churches of Classis East were represented by two delegates each.

Rev. Hanko, following the order of rotation, then took the chair, and ably presided over this meeting of Classis.

The Classis then conducted the routine business of adopting the minutes of the previous meeting, and receiving the reports of the Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee for information.

The Consistory of Kalamazoo overtured the Classis to arrange a schedule of appointments to Loveland. Classis declared this matter out of order on the grounds that appointments to Loveland belong to the jurisdiction of Classis West.

Grand Haven, Creston, and Randolph were granted Classical appointments upon request as follows: CRESTON: Jan. 28, R. Veldman; Feb. 4, C. Hanko; Feb. 11, M. Schipper; Feb. 25, A. Mulder; March 4, G. Vos; April 8, H. Hanko. GRAND HAVEN: Feb. 4, G. Vos; Feb. 18, H. Hanko; March 4, M. Schipper; March 11, C. Hanko, March 18, A. Mulder; April 1, 6. Vos; April 8, G. Lanting. RANDOLPH: Feb. 4, A. Mulder; Feb. 25, R. Veldinan; March 11, H. Hanko; March 18, G. Lanting; March 25, R. Veldman; April 1, M. Schipper; April 8, C. Hanko.

Creston and Grand Haven informed Classis that they will not be in need of subsidy. Holland and Kalamazoo made requests for $3200 and $4200 respectively, which Classis granted, subject to the approval of Synod.

Rev. G. Lubbers who was present at this meeting of Classis was granted opportunity to address Classis respecting his mission work in Tripp, South Dakota and in Houston, Texas. The chair responded to this address and extended to Rev. Lubbers the desire of Classis that the Lord continue to bless him in his difficult work.

Three protests were presented to Classis against one of our Consistories, two of which came from two Consistories and one from a member of the Consistory protested against. Classis decided to place these protests in the hands of a committee and to adjourn until February 14 when the committee is expected to serve Classis with advice. Committee: Revs. M. Schipper, G. Lanting, and Elders H.G. Kuiper and A. Talsma.

Classis then voted for delegates to Synod 1962 as follows:

MINISTERS—Primi: M. Schipper, G. Lanting, G. Vos, C. Hanko.

Secundi—H. Hanko, H. Hoeksema, A. Mulder; R. Veldman.

ELDERS—Primi: H. Zwak, T. Engelsma, H.G. Kuiper, R. Newhouse.

Secundi: J. Docter, P. Schipper, A. Langerak, G. Bylsma.

Classis also voted for Delegates and examina. Chosen were: Primus G. Lanting and secundus H. Hanko.

After the ladies of Creston were thanked for their excellent catering, and the report of the finance committee was accepted, and the minutes of this session were adopted, brother D. Engelsma closed the meeting with thanks to God.

M. SCHIPPER, Stated Clerk