Classis East met in Southeast Church. Rev. G. Vos, president of the October Classis, led in opening devotions. All the churches were represented by two delegates each.

Rev. C. Hanko, following order of rotation, presided over this session of Classis, while the Rev. Vos recorded the minutes. Much of the material before Classis was of a routine nature, including reports from the Stated Clerk and Classical Committee.

The committee appointed on the July Classis to give advice regarding a decision of the last Synod respecting First Church and Chassis East, reported. Classis adopted the advice of the committee, namely, to send a letter to the Synod as our reply.

Letters for a committee of Classis West and Rev. J.A. Heys relative to the request of Classis East to help the West with classical appointments were read and put in the bands of a committee appointed to prepare a schedule of appointments to the churches of Kalamazoo, Hope, and Southwest upon their requests. Classis decided to inform Classis West that we cannot help them with classical appointments at this time, but appointed a committee to meet with the committee of the West to re work the schedule if a minister from the West should come to Classis East. Committee: Revs. G. Lanting and M. Schipper.

Classis adopted the following schedule of classical appointments: Kalamazoo: Jan. 20—M. Schipper, Jan. 27 C. Hanko, Feb. 10—G. Lanting, March 10—C. Hanko, March 24—G. Lanting, Apr. 7—G. Vos. Southwest: Jan. 13—G. Lanting, Jan. 20—G. Vos, Feb. 10—C. Hanko, Feb. 24—G. Vos, March 3—M. Schipper, March 24—C. Hanko, March 31—M. Schipper. Hope: Feb. 17—M. Schipper, Feb. 24—C. Hanko, March 3—G. Lanting, Mar. 17—M. Schipper, Mar. 24—G. Vos, April 7—G. Lanting.

Subsidy requests for the year 1964 were presented by the churches of Kalamazoo, Holland and Southeast. Classis decided to advise Synod to grant these requests.

Classis appointed the Rev. M. Sebipper to be moderator of Southwest Church, and the Rev. C. Hanke to be moderator of Hope Church.

Classis also decided to place the matter of proper credentials of the Rev. H. Hanko in the bands of the Classical Committee for its execution.

The following were chosen delegates to the 1963 Synod: Ministers-Primi: C. Hanko, H. Hoeksema, G. Lanting, M. Schipper. Secundi: G. Vos (Secundus Generalis). Elders Primi: J. Kalsbeek, G. Pipe, D. Rietema, H. Zwak. Secundi: P. Knosson, P. Decker, J. Kortering, F. Ondersma.

Rev. C. Hanko was chosen primus delegate ad examina, and the Revs. H. Hoeksema and G. Vos secundi delegates ad examina.

Rev. H. Hanko was appointed to thank the ladies of Southeast Church for their excellent catering services.

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily.

The Finance Committee, consisting of W. Clasen and J. H. Kortering, tendered their report of the expenses of this classical meeting, and the treasurer was instructed to pay the bills.

The Rev. H. Hanko, who was present at the Classis for the last time, having accepted the call to our Doon Church, bade farewell to Classis East, expressing his appreciation for the blessings enjoyed while he served in this Classis, as well as the prayer that God would continue to bless our churches. Rev. C. Hanko, president of this Classis, responded with a few well chosen words.

After the minutes were adopted and Classis sang Psalter No. 383, the Rev. H. Hanko was asked to close the meeting with thanks to God.

—M. Schipper, Stated Clerk