Held Oct. 7, 1964 at First Church 

Rev. R.C. Harbach, who presided over the July Classis, led in the opening devotions. All the churches of Classis East were represented by two delegates, except Holland. Rev. G. Lanting, who was appointed delegate from Holland, and who was to preside over this meeting of Classis, never arrived. Consequently Classis asked the Rev. Harbach to preside, while the Stated Clerk recorded the minutes. Mr. S. DeVries, the other delegate from Holland, was allowed to be seated, on his testimony to Classis that he was the legally appointed delegate. Later in the meeting Classis decided to instruct Holland to send their credentials to the Stated Clerk. Those present for the first time were asked to sign the Formula of Subscription. Only one delegate found it necessary to sign his name. The Chair appointed the brethren P. Offringa and M. Klop to serve as finance committee for this meeting of Classis.

Most of the work of this brief meeting of Classis was routine. After the transcribed minutes of the July Classis were read and approved the Stated Clerk gave his report of correspondence. The Classical Committee tendered no report due to Rev. Lanting’s absence. 

First Church requested classical appointments for the evening services for the next three months. The committee, consisting of Rev. G. Lubbers, J. King and G. Pipe, were appointed to arrange the schedule which was later adopted as follows: Oct. 11—Lanting; Oct. 18—Lubbers; Oct. 25—Veldman; Nov. 1—Harbach; Nov. 8—Schipper; Nov. 15—Vos; Nov. 22—blank; Nov. 29—Lanting; Dec. 6—Lubbers; Dec. 13—Veldman; Dec. 20—Harbach; Dec. 27—Schipper; Jan. 3—Vos. 

One of the consistories requested approval of Classis to increase the censure of a delinquent member. Classis granted the request. 

Elder H. Velthouse was appointed to thank the ladies of First Church for their excellent catering service. 

Classis re-elected Rev. M. Schipper as Stated Clerk and chose Rev. H. Veldman to serve as alternate. 

It was decided to meet, the Lord willing, next time on Wednesday, January 6, at Hudsonville. 

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked of each consistory and answered satisfactorily. 

After the usual closing remarks of the chairman, and devotions, the Rev. G. Lubbers offered the prayer of thanksgiving. 

—Rev. M. Schipper, Stated Clerk