At First Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan Rev. C. Hanko led in the opening devotions, and greeted the Rev. R.C. Harbach who attended Classis East for the first time as delegate. Following the order of rotation, it became Rev. R. Harbach’s turn to preside over this session, He acquitted himself well of his task. Much of the work of classis was routine. The transcript minutes of the January meeting were approved. The Stated Clerk gave his report re correspondence, and the Classical Committee reported of its activities. Classis West presented a request for classical supply, along with the churches of Southwest and Hope. A committee was appointed in Classis West to attend our meeting with a view to arranging a classical appointment schedule. Rev. J.A. Heys and Rev. G. Vanden Berg were given advisory votes along with.Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, who also attended the meeting. A committee was appointed, consisting of the Revs. G. Lanting, M. Schipper and Elder J. Kalsbeek to meet with the committee from the West to arrange a schedule of appointments. Classis adopted their proposed schedule. The completed schedule for both Classis East and Classis West is as follows:

SOUTHWEST: Apr. 14—R. Harbach, Apr. 28—G. Laning May 19—G. Vos, June 2—R. Harbach, June 16—G. Laming, June 30—G. Vos, and July 7—C. Hanko.

HOPE: Apr. 21—G. Vos, May 5—R. Harbach, May 26—G. Lanting, June 9—M. Schipper, June 23—R. Harbach, July 7—G. Lanting, and July 14—G. Vos.

LOVELAND: March 31, Apr. 7—B. Woudenberg, Apr. 28, May 5, 12—M. Schipper, June 23, 30, July 7-H. Hanko, Aug. 4, 11, 18—G. Vanden Berg, Sept. 8, 15, 22—H. Veldman.

LYNDEN: Apr. 21, 28, May S—G. Van Baren, May 12, 19, 26—C. Hanko, June 30, July 7, 14—J. A. Heys, July 28, Aug. 4, 11—J. Kortering, and Aug. 25, Sept. 1, 8—B. Woudenberg.

ISABEL & FORBES: Mar. 24, 31—H. Veldman, Apr. 21; 28, May 5—J.A. Heys, May 26, June 2—G Vanden Berg, Aug. 4, 11, 18—H. Hanko, Sept. 1, 8, 15—G. Van Baren.

PELLA: April—J. Kortering, May—B. Woudenberg, June—J. Kortering July—J. Kortering, September—G. Vanden Berg. (One Sunday a month).

Classis also appointed the same committee to meet with the committee of Classis West to revise this schedule in the event a minister of Classis West should transfer to Classis East.

The Consistory of Southwest Church sent an overture to Classis requesting Classis to adopt a rule: whereby the Stated Clerk would forward to the consistories at least two weeks prior to the meeting of. Classis all the material appearing on the agenda. Classis decided to put this in the hands of a study committee, consisting of the Revs. G. Lanting and M. Schipper with Prof. H.C. Hoeksema as advisor. This committee is instructed to send their report to the consistories two weeks before the meeting of the July Classis for their study.

Classis voted for the annual Church Visitors. The Revs. C. Hanko and M. Schipper were chosen. Rev. G. Laming was chosen alternate for both.

Elder Herman Kuiper was appointed to thank the ladies of First Church for their excellent catering.

The brethren P. Bykerk and B. Windemuller, who were appointed to serve on the fiuance committee for this session of Classis, tendered their report which was adopted.

The questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. The Consistory of Holland asked Classis for advice on a certain matter, and advice was given.

Classis decided to meet next time, D.V., on July. 10th at Hudsonville. After the chairman thanked the Classis for the cooperation given him, Brother H. Zwak closed this session with thanks to God.

—M. Schipper, Stated Clerk.