Rev. G. Lanting, in the absence of Rev. R.C. Harbach who was chairman of the April Classis, led in opening devotions and presided over this session of Classis. Rev. M. Schipper served as clerk. 

The chairman greeted the delegates, and especially welcomed the Rev. H. Veldman, who had so recently come to Classis East from Classis West. 

All the churches of Classis East were represented by two delegates except Kalamazoo which had only one.

Most of the material before Classis was of routine nature and was treated with dispatch. Classis had finished its work before the noon meal when an excellent dinner was served by the ladies of our Hudsonville Church. The Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee tendered their reports which Classis accepted for information. The Church Visitors gave their report of the annual visit to all the churches. They reported that the Lord was apparently blessing our churches, and that all the churches, though small in number and size, are prospering spiritually. 

The committee appointed at the April Classis to study the overture of Southwest Church, relative to adopting a rule whereby the Stated Clerk would forward to each church at least two weeks prior to the meeting of Classis all the material appearing on the agenda, was not ready to report. This committee was continued, and will report to the next Classis. 

Southwest Church requested classical appointments for the next three months, which was granted. The Stated Clerk read a proposed schedule from the Classical Committee from Classis West, which Classis placed along with the request of Southwest Church in the hands of a committee consisting of Revs. C. Hanko, M. Schipper and Elder D. Meulenberg. Their report was adopted later by Classis, and is as follows:

Southwest: July 21—C. Lanting, July 28—open, Aug. 4—R.C. Harbach, Aug. 11—open, Aug. 18—G. Vos, Aug. 25—H. Veldman, Sept.1—R.C. Harbach, Sept. 8—open, Sept. 15—G. Vos, Sept. 22—C. Hanko, Sept. 29—G. Lanting, Oct. 6—G. Vos. 

First Church: Aug. 11, (evening)—H. Veldman. 

Redlands: Sept. 1, 8, 15—M. Schipper. 


Sept. 8, 15—H. Veldman. 

The Finance Committee, Elders J.C. Lubbers and M. Wiersma, tendered their report, which was adopted.

The Lynden Prot. Ref. Church asked permission to ask for collections in the churches of Classis East for their building program. This request was granted. 

Southwest Church asked permission to place on nomination again ministers whom they had already called. This request was granted.

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. Rev. H. Veldman was appointed to thank the ladies of Hudsonville for their catering. Elder D. Meulenberg, in the name of Hope Church, thanked the Classis for the pulpit supply given them during their vacancy, and especially their moderator, Rev. C. Hanko, for his services to them. 

Classis decided to meet again in Hudsonville, on Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1963. 

After the chairman made a few closing remarks, Classis sang Psalter No. 221, and Rev. H. Veldman closed the meeting with prayer. 

—Rev. M. Schipper, Stated Clerk.