Report of Classis East, July 7, 1965, at Southwest Church. 

Rev. G. Lubbers presided over the opening devotions, and declared the Classis instituted after the credentials had been accepted. All the churches were represented by two delegates each. 

Rev. M. Schipper then presided while Rev. Lubbers recorded the minutes. The minutes of the April Classis were read and approved. The Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee tendered their reports. 

A finance committee, consisting of J. Oomkes and B. Windemuller, was appointed to report on the expense of this meeting. 

First Church asked for classical appointments. The committee, H. Veldman, G. Lubbers, and H. Ophoff, prepared the schedule which was adopted as follows: July 18—eve., G. Lanting; July 25—eve., R. C. Harbath; Aug. 1—morn. and, eve., H. Veldman, Aug. 8—morn., M. Schipper, eve., G. Vos; Aug. 15—morn., G. Lanting; Aug. 22—eve., G. Lubbers; Aug. 29—eve., H. Veldman; Sept. 5—eve., M. Schipper; Sept 12—eve., G. Vos; Sept. 19—none; Sept. 26—morn., G. Lanting, eve., G. Lubbers; Oct. 3—eve., G. Lanting; Oct. 10—eve., R.C. Harbach. 

Holland’s consistory sent in an overture to change the rule re the time of the meeting of classis. This was put into the hands of a committee consisting of Revs. G. Vos, H. Veldman, and Elder D. Dykstra, to report to the next classis. 

Mr. D. Engelsma was appointed to thank the ladies of Southwest Church for their catering. 

Prof. H.C. Hoeksema was granted advisory vote. 

Classis decided to meet next time Oct. 6, 1965 in Hope Church. 

The Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. 

After a few closing remarks by the chairman, Classis sang Psalter 313, and the Rev. G. Vos closed the meeting with thanks to God. 

—M. Schipper, Stated Clerk