September 12, 1979 

Hudsonville Prot. Ref. Church 

Classis East met in regular session September 12, 1979, at Hudsonville. All the churches were represented by two delegates. Since the major portion of this meeting was devoted to the examination of pastors-elect Carl Haak and Steven Houck, delegatesad examina Revs. Engelsma, Miersma, and Lubbers were also in attendance. Rev. A. den Hartog chaired the meeting. 

As mentioned above, the classis was privileged to hear the peremptoir examinations of two candidates, C. Haak and S. Houck. God’s covenant faithfulness was again witnessed when, at the end of the day, Southeast was authorized to ordain and install their pastor-elect, C. Haak, and Hope was authorized to ordain and install S. Houck as missionary to the East Lansing/Charlotte, Michigan area. 

In other business, Classis again received a letter from the people in Skowhegan, Maine requesting help should a local church or the Mission Committee not provide any. Classis decided that it was unable to treat this matter since neither the Skowhegan people nor Classis East had been informed of any official decisions taken. 

The request for emeritation of Rev. R. Harbach was again presented by Hope Church. Classis granted permission pending the submission of statements from two medical doctors concerning Rev. Harbach’s eyesight. 

The Finance Committee reported expenses of $712.02 which amount also includes the expenses of the delegates ad examina from Classis West. 

Hope and Covenant requested classical appointments. Appointments were give to Hope only since Candidate R. Hanko is considering the call to Covenant. The schedule adopted for Hope is as follows (evening service only): September 23—Rev. Van Baren, October 7—Rev. Bruinsma, October 28—Rev. Joostens, November 11—Rev. Woudenberg, November 25—Rev. Heys, December 9—Rev. DeVries, December 23—Rev. Haak.

Classis will meet next in Holland on January 9, 1980. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon Huisken, Stated Clerk