Classis East met in regular session on September 13, 1978 at Hope Church. Rev. J. Heys led in opening devotions; Rev. M. Joostens chaired this session. Each church was represented by two delegates. 

The two matters put in the hands of study committees were treated at this session. The first was the request from three brethren in Skowhegan, Maine for the organization of a Protestant Reformed church there. The classis decided that organization was not feasible at this time. These brethren were advised either to contact the Mission Committee and request that some kind of labor be done in their area or to determine if one of our congregations would consider the Skowhegan area as its mission project. 

The second matter concerned the request of Hope Church for advice on how to proceed with the membership papers of children of divorced parents. Classis decided that this matter was out of order since it had not been finished in the consistory. 

Classical appointments were requested by Faith, Southeast, and Southwest. The following schedule was adopted: FAITH: October 8—Joostens; SOUTHEAST: October 1—Heys, October 22—Woudenberg, November 5—Van Overloop, November 19—Joostens, December 3—Van Baren, December 17—Woudenberg, December 31—Van Overloop, January 14—den Hartog; SOUTHWEST: September 24—Van Overloop, October 15—Van Baren, October 29—Heys. 

Classis elected Rev. Heys and Rev. Woudenberg to serve on the Classical Committee. The Finance Committee submitted expenses of $442.56. 

Faith Church informed the classis that Candidate W. Bruinsma had accepted the call to be their pastor. A special meeting of classis will be held on October 25th at Hudsonville for the purpose of examining Candidate Bruinsma. 

The next regular meeting of the classis will be held on January 10, 1979 at Southwest Church. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon J. Huisken 

Stated Clerk