Report of Classis East


April 2, 1969 At Hudsonville, Mich.

Rev. G. VanBaren presided over the opening devotions, and after the Credentials were accepted pronounced the Classis properly constituted. All the churches were represented by two delegates each. 

Rev. H. Veldman then presided, while Rev. Van Baren recorded the minutes. Rev. Veldman welcomed the delegates with a few well-chosen words, and read the agendum to Classis. The chairman appointed the brethren P. Cnossen and F. Ondersma as finance committee, and brother H. Vander Kolk to thank the ladies of Hudsonville for their excellent catering. 

The Stated Clerk read the minutes of the January Classis which were read and approved, and then read his report re correspondence. The Classical Committee also reported. Classis West and Southwest Church requested classical appointments to which Classis acceded. The committee, Revs. J. Kortering and J.A. Heys and Elder R. Pastoor, prepared the schedule which Classis adopted as follows: 

SOUTH HOLLAND—Apr. 13—G. VanBaren Apr. 20—J. A. Heys May 4—H. Veldman May 11—G. VanBaren May 18—J. Kortering June 1—G. VanBaren June 15—J. A. Heys June 22—J. Kortering June 29—H. Veldman July 6—R.C. Harbach July 13—J.A. Heys July 20—M. Schipper July 27—G. Van Baren Aug. 3—G.C. Lubbers Aug. 10—J. Kortering Aug. 17—M. Schipper Aug. 24—H. Veldman Aug. 31—R.C. Harbach Sept. 7—G.C. Lubbers Sept. 14—H. Veldman Sept. 21—J.A. Heys Sept. 28—G. VanBaren.

SOUTHWEST—Apr. 13—M. Schipper Apr. 20—H. Veldman & M. Schipper Apr. 27—G. VanBaren & M. Schipper May 4—J. Kortering & G. VanBaren May 11—R.C. Harbach May 18—G. VanBaren & H. Veldman May 25—R.C. Harbach. 

RANDOLPH—Apr. 27—J. Kortering May 11—J.A. Heys. 

PELLA—Aug. 10 and 17—J.A. Heys. 

HULL—Apr. 13 and 20—R.C. Harbach May 11 and 18—M. Schipper July 6 and 13—J. Kortering. 

FORBES—July 20 and 27 H. Veldman. 

The committee appointed in the January Classis to study an appeal reported, and Classis adopted the advice given with a minor amendment. 

Another appeal from an individual against his Consistory was rejected by Classis because the appellant had not given a copy of his appeal to the Consistory and had not given enough time to consider it. 

The Subsidy Request from Holland was approved by Classis and sent to Synod. A Consistory requested approval of the erasure of a baptized member, but Classis denied the request. 

Classis voted for Church Visitors with the result that the Revs. M. Schipper and J.A. Heys were chosen with Rev. H. Veldman as alternate for both. 

The Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. One Consistory asked a question relative to the determining the number of families in the congregation, which Classis answered. 

The chairman spoke words of appreciation to Classis for the cooperation given him, and especially directed a farewell address to the Rev. G.C. Lubbers and Elder H. Meulenberg who were about to leave for Jamaica, wishing them the Lord’s blessing and expressing the prayer for their safe journey. 

Classis decided to meet next time on July 2 at Southwest Church, and then adjourned. Rev. R.C. Harbach was asked to offer the closing prayer after the Classis sang Psalter Number 345. 

M. Schipper, S.C.