Report of Classis East

Report of Classis East, April 1, 1970, Hudsonville, Michigan

Rev. J. Kortering led in the opening devotions, and declared the Classis properly constituted when the credentials were accepted. 

All the churches were represented by two delegates except Holland which had one. The Rev. J.A. Heys and the Rev. M. Schipper were absent; the former working in Jamaica, and the latter recuperating from surgery. 

The Rev. G.C. Lubbers presided over this session, while the Rev. J. Kortering recorded the minutes. 

Elders J. Flikkema and F. Ondersma served on the Finance Committee, and Elder J. Heys was appointed to thank the ladies of Hudsonville for their excellent catering. 

The reports of the Stated Clerk and of the Classical Committee were filed for information. 

Classis acceded to the requests of Classis West and Holland to give them classical appointments. The Revs. Harbach and Veldman and Elder M. Klop were appointed to prepare the schedule which was adopted as follows:

RANDOLPH: April 12—VanBaren April 19—Kortering May 3—Veldman May 10—Harbach May 17—Lubbers May 24—Heys May 31—VanBaren June 7—Kortering Sept. 6—Harbach Sept. 13—Schipper. HOLLAND: Apr. 12—Lubbers Apr. 19—Veldman. 

The Consistory of Pella addressed a letter to Classis expressing gratitude for the supply given during their vacancy.

First Church requested Classis to approve and forward to Synod their recommendation that Synod set January 15 as the date for determining the number of families to be assessed. 

Some material from an appellant which appeared on the agenda was returned to the appellant upon request. 

Two other cases of appeal were treated. Classis also granted the request of a Consistory to increase censure on one of its members, and to erase a baptized member. 

Classis elected the Revs. Heys and Lubbers to serve as Church Visitors with Rev. VanBaren as alternate for both.

Classis decided to meet next time in Holland on July 1.

The questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked of each Consistory and answered satisfactorily. 

After a few appropriate remarks by the chairman, Classis adjourned. Rev. R.C. Harbach led in the closing devotions.

M. Schipper, S.C.