Classis East met in a most enjoyable and fruitful session on the 4th of October in Southwest Church. After the opening devotions by Rev. C. Hanko and the opening remarks of the chairman for the day, Rev. R.C. Harbach, Classis concerned itself with the main item of business: the examination of minister-elect Ronald Van Overloop. After all the evidence was in—his ability to preach and exegete, his knowledge of scripture and the confessions, his knowledge of the six loci of dogmatics, his knowledge of the controversies of the church, together with a fitting conclusion of the practica—classis gave its unanimous approval of the examination and announced with joy to the consistory of Hope that they might proceed with his ordination. Classis was enjoyable as well because of the fellowship which was had not only with the delegatesad examina of Classis West but also with the Rev. Dorman of the Cornville, Maine Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Rev. Dorman was given opportunity to speak to the classis at day’s end and the words of encouragement which he gave to the Protestant Reformed Churches were received with a silent “Amen!” 

The report of the Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee were received and the usual committees were appointed and reported. Elders D. Langeland and G. Scholten served on the Finance Committee and Elder J. Dykstra, Jr. thanked the ladies for their catering services. 

Noticeably absent was the appointment and report of the Classical Appointment Committee since, for the first time in many years, there were no vacant pulpits in Classis East. This situation gave rise to a request from the seminary professors that they and their students be given opportunity to preach. Classis took advisory action in this regard and asked the consistories of Classis East to consider releasing their ministers every seventh Sunday. 

There was much joy in this day but there was a reminder that the kingdom of God upon earth is not without sorrow. Classis gave its consent to the increase of censure for a member of one of our churches. 

To close the session of classis, the questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were answered satisfactorily, the chairman expressed his thanks for the cooperation of the classis, and Rev. G. VanBaren raised a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness to his church. 

Classis is adjourned until January 3, 1973 which session will be held in Hope Church.

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon Huisken 

Stated Clerk