Rev. M. Schipper presided over the opening devotions, and declared the Classis properly constituted. Noticeably absent from the October meetings were the Revs. Lubber, Kortering, Harbach, and Veldman. The Rev. Lubbers having moved to Jamaica, the Rev. Kortering to Hull, the Rev. Harbach was also in Jamaica, and the Rev. Veldman was ill. All the churches, however were represented by two delegates each.

The Rev. G. VanBaren, following the order of rotation, presided, while the Rev. Schipper recorded theminutes. 

Elders C. Kuiper and A. Rau served on the Finance Committee, and brother A. Elzinga was appointed to thank the ladies of Southeast Church for their excellent catering. 

The Stated Clerk gave his report re correspondence, and the Classical Committee reported on its activities.

Requests for classical appointments appeared on the agenda from Classis West for the churches of Randolph, Oak Lawn, and Doon; and from Hope and Southwest in Classis East. Rev. J.A. Heys, Elders T. Engelsma and G. Bouwkamp were appointed to arrange a classical appointment schedule which was later adopted as follows: 

SOUTHWEST—Nov. 1—H. Veldman, Nov. 8—(morn) R.C. Harbach, Nov. 22—(morn) H. Veldman, Dec. 13—(eve) G. VanBaren, Jan. 3—(morn) R.C. Harbach. 

HOPE—Nov. 8—(eve) R.C. Harbach, Nov. 22—(eve) H. Veldman, Dec. 13—(morn) G. VanBaren, Jan. 3—(eve) R.C. Harbach. 

OAK LAWN—Nov. 1—M. Schipper, Nov. 15—G. VanBaren, Nov. 22—J. A. Heys, Dec. 13—M. Schipper 

RANDOLPH—Oct. 18—G. VanBaren, Nov. 1—J.A. Heys, Nov. 22—M. Schipper, Dec. 6—R.C. Harbach, Dec. 20—J. A. Heys. 

DOON—Dec. 27 and Jan. 3—H. Veldman. 

Rev. J. A. Heys was requested to preside while the matter of an appeal was treated in closed session. 

A committee of pre-advice was appointed to study the appeal: Revs. M. Schipper, J. A. Heys, Elders H. Kuiper and D. Engelsma, to report to a continued meeting on Nov. 4, 1970. 

Rev. H. Veldman was chosen to the Classical Committee to fill the unexpired term of Rev. J. Kortering. 

The term of Rev. M. Schipper as Stated Clerk having expired, he requested Classis to be relieved of this duty after fifteen years of service. Classis decided to appoint a committee to advise on whether the Stated Clerk might not be a lay-man and to propose a nomination. The committee to report to the Nov. 4th meeting: committee: Rev. H. Veldman and Elder H. Kuiper. 

Classis decided to hold its next regular meeting January 6, 1971, D.V., In Hope Church. Questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. 

On the continued meeting of Nov. 4th the reports of the committees of pre-advice were treated. 

Classis voted for a new Stated Clerk, and Mr. Jon Huisken of our Hope Church was chosen. The chairman expressed in the name of Classis appreciation to Rev. M. Schipper for the many years of service as Stated Clerk. 

Elder T. Engelsma closed the session with thanksgiving. 

M. Schipper, S.C.