Rev. G. VanBaren, chairman of the October Classis, led in opening devotions, and, after the credentials were received, declared Classis to be properly constituted. All the churches were represented by two delegates. Rev. R.C. Harbach, due to the absence of Rev. H. Veldman, who had been delayed in his return from a classical appointment in Doon, then presided. Rev. G. VanBaren recorded the minutes. The business at hand was routine and was carried out with dispatch. The Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee reported on their activities. Elders J. Prince and P. Knott were appointed to serve on the Finance Committee, R. Clawson was appointed to thank the ladies of Hope Church for their excellent catering services. 

Subsidy requests were presented by Holland and Kalamazoo. Elders Ondersma, Lanning, and Talsma served as a committee of pre-advice. The subsidy requests were found in order and were forwarded to Synod for approval. 

Requests for classical appointments were submitted by Hope and Southwest, and from Classis West for Randolph and Oak Lawn. Rev. J. Heys, Rev. M. Schipper, and Elder R. Bloem served on the Classical Appointment Committee. It was recommended by the committee and later approved by Classis that Classis West be requested to supply Oak Lawn, and that Rev. R. Decker be requested to serve his scheduled Hull appointment in Doon. The schedule adopted by Classis is as follows: 

HOPE: Jan. 10—M. Schipper; Jan. 31—G. VanBaren (AM), H. Veldman (PM); Feb. 14—G. VanBaren (AM); Feb. 28—J. Heys; March 14—R. Harbach; Mar. 21—G. VanBaren (AM); Apr. 4—M. Schipper; Apr. 11—J. Heys 

SOUTHWEST: Jan. 17—G. VanBaren (AM), H. Veldman (PM); Jan. 31—R. Harbach; Feb. 7—M. Schipper; Feb. 21—H. Veldman; March 7—G. VanBaren (AM); Mar. 21—H. Veldman; Apr. 4—G. VanBaren (AM). 

RANDOLPH: Jan. 31—J. Heys; Feb. 21—R. Harbach.

Rev. G. Lubbers, spending his last day on leave from his missionary labors in Jamaica, made a brief appearance at Classis and was granted an advisory vote. Upon his departure, the chairman, in the name of Classis, bade him Godspeed. 

Classis voted for synodical delegates with the results as follows: 

MINISTERS—PRIMI: Harbach, Schipper, VanBaren, Veldman. 

SECUNDI: Heys, Lubbers. 

ELDERS—PRIMI: J. Kalsbeek, T. Newhof, Sr., F. Ondersma, G. Pipe. SECUNDI: J. Buiter T. Engelsma, D. Langeland, A. Talsma. 

Delegates ad examina were elected as follows: Rev. J. Heys was chosen to serve a full three-year term, and Rev. G. VanBaren was chosen to serve the unexpired term of Rev. J. Kortering. Because of a shortage in manpower, Classis must function with two secundus delegates. 

The questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked of each consistory and were answered satisfactorily. 

Classis will meet next time, D.V., on April 4, 1971 at Hudsonville. Rev. Harbach expressed his thanks to the Classis for its cooperation in carrying out the day’s business with dispatch. 

Elder M. Haveman offered the closing prayer. 

J. Huisken, S.C. 

N.B.—The address of the newly-elected Stated Clerk of Classis East is 3324 Barrett, Grandville, Michigan 49418.