Classis East met in regular session on May 11, 1983 at Hudsonville. Each church was represented by two delegates. Rev. Joostens led the classis in opening devotions; Rev. Miersma chaired this session of classis. 

Two items of business, other than routine matters occupied the time of the meeting. First, there was a request from a group of people for the organization of a new congregation in the Byron Center-Cutlerville area. Classis decided to postpone approval of this request because of concern raised by First Church relative the impact this organization would have on their congregation. Of the eighteen signators, nine were members of First Church. Classis advised these petitioners to conduct another study to determine if the new congregation could be located west of Byron Center Avenue, thus meeting the stated objective of this request, namely, to alleviate the over-crowded conditions in some of the churches in the southwest metropolitan area. 

Secondly, Faith Church protested a decision taken by the January 12, 1983 classis regarding the advice given them as to procedure in a particular case. Classis sustained its decision of the January 12, 1983 classis. 

Classis also received information from Hope Church relative a request to change the date of the 1983 synod. Since this material was sent as information, classis filed it as such. 

The expenses of this meeting amounted to $706.62. Classis will meet next on September 14, 1983 at Southeast.

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon Huisken, Stated Clerk