Report of Classis East

Classis East met in regular session on July 5, 1972 and, as has been characteristic of the last few sessions, accomplished its business in short order. The only business other than the routine business before Classis was a request from a consistory to have Classis approve an increase of censure from the first to the second step. This request was approved by Classis. 

Rev. G. Lubbers, missionary to Jamaica, was present with us and was given advisory vote. Later in the session, Rev. Lubbers shared with the Classis the trials and indeed the joys of his labors on the island. Rev. C. Hanko, chairman for this session, assured Rev. Lubbers that the prayers of the church were raised daily in behalf of both Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers. 

After the preliminary business of reading the credentials and the agenda, receiving the credentials, and the signing of the Formula of Subscription by first-time delegates, Classis began its work. 

Rev. J. Heys and Elder J. Buiter were appointed to the Finance Committee and later reported expenses, including those of the church visitors, of $23.20. The Classical Appointment Committee composed of Rev. H. Veldman and Elder J. King presented and Classis adopted the following schedule for Hope Church: July 16—M. Schipper; July 30—J. A. Heys; August 13—H. Veldman; August 27—R. C. Harbach; September 10—G. VanBaren; September 24—C. Hanko. Elder C. Doezema was appointed to thank the ladies of Holland Church for their catering. 

The delegates of Classis were certainly heartened by the report of the church visitors. The final paragraph of their report reads as follows:

And so we look back on the past year and can say EbenEzer. There is reason for abundant thanks to our—God for the blessings of grace that He pours out upon our churches. Our ministers are faithful in presenting the riches of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that the positive fruit is evident in the lives of our people. Small as we are, our witness goes out to the ends of the earth. God is certainly using us to preserve the truth delivered to us from the saints, even in times of great apostasy. Obviously there is still much imperfection among us, but divine grace abounds. God’s strength is accomplished even through our weaknesses. To Him be the glory.

The questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and satisfactorily answered. Rev. M. Schipper closed the meeting and Classis stood adjourned until its next regular meeting on October 4, 1972 in Southwest Church. 

Jon Huisken, Stated Clerk