Report of Classis East

Classis East of our Churches met in regular session on Oct. 1, 1975 at the Hope Protestant Reformed Church. Each of our nine churches in Classis East was represented by two delegates. This session of Classis was short due to the fact that no new material appeared on the agenda and the matters treated were routine. Even though the session was brief, it afforded an opportunity for the officebearers to enjoy one another’s fellowship. We have reason to thank our God that He causes our congregations to flourish in peace. 

After opening devotions by the last president, Rev. H. Veldman took the reins of this classis. After the necessary classical procedures, the Chairman made the following committee appointments. Elders P. Faber and H. Schipper were to serve on the Finance Committee; Rev. Van Overloop, Rev. Den Hartog and Elder T. Huizinga on the Classical Appointment Committee; and elder G. Feenstra to thank the ladies for their catering.

After feasting on coffee and various baked goods which the ladies had prepared, the committees were ready to give their reports. Classis granted Kalamazoo’s request for pulpit supply by adopting the following schedule: Oct. 19—Rev. R. Van Overloop; Oct. 26—Rev. H. Veldman; Nov. 9—Rev. M Schipper; Nov. 16—Rev. C. Hanko; Nov. 30—Rev. M. Joostens; Dec. 7—Rev. G. VanBaren; Dec. 21—Rev. J. Heys; Dec. 28—Rev. R. VanOverloop; Jan. 11—Rev. H. Veldman. The classis also approved the expenditure of $292.14 to cover the expenses of this classis. Elder Feenstra reported that he thanked the ladies doubly since they donated the refreshments. 

After the questions of Art. 41 of the C.O. were asked and satisfactorily answered, the concept minutes were read and adopted and classis was adjourned. Classis East will meet next time, D.V., at Southeast Church on Jan. 7, 1976. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Rev. M. Joostens, Assist. Stated Clerk