Rev. H. Veldman led the classis in opening devotions and after reading the credentials declared classis to be properly constituted. Rev. C. Hanko, by order of rotation, presided over this classis. 

The business before the classis was routine and could be quickly disposed of. The usual committees were appointed by the chairman and later reported to the classis. Elders B. Windemuller and P. Knott served on the Finance Committee. They reported a total expenditure of $315.87 for this session. The classis authorized the synodical treasurer to reimburse these expenses. Elder H. Zwak thanked the ladies of Southeast Church for the coffee and donuts which they served us. Kalamazoo Church, being vacant, again requested classical appointments for the coming quarter. Classis granted their request, and the chair appointed Rev. J. Heys and elders J. Bishop and J. De Zeeuw to construct a schedule. Classis adopted the following classical appointment schedule for Kalamazoo: January 18—Rev. M. Schipper; January 25—Rev. C. Hanko; February 8—Rev. M. Joostens; February 22—Rev. G. VanBaren; March 7—Rev. J. Heys; March 21—Rev. R. VanOverloop; April 4—Rev. H. Veldman. Because of distance and other considerations, classis did not place Rev. A. Den Hartog on this schedule. 

Subsidy requests also had to be treated at this classis. The classis approved and forwarded to Synod Kalamazoo’s request of $6,300.00 and Prospect Park’s for $9,500.00. 

The voting for synodical delegates resulted in the following; Minister delegates: Primi: Rev. C. Hanko, Rev. J. Heys, Rev. M. Joostens, and Rev. G. Van Bar en. Secundi: Rev. A. Den Hartog, Rev. M. Schipper, Rev. R. Van Overloop, and Rev. H. Veldman. Elder delegates: Primi: D. Engelsma, J.M. Faber, J. Kalsbeek, and R. Teitsma. Secundi: G. Feenstra, F. Ondersma, H. Vander Kolk, and H. Zwak. 

Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. M. Schipper, Primi andSecundi respectively, were chosen delegates adexamina

The questions of article 41 of our Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily by each of the churches. 

Upon accepting an invitation from Faith Church as meeting place for our April 7, 1976, classis, classis stood adjourned. Rev. J. Heys closed with prayer. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Assist. Stated Clerk, 

Rev. M. Joostens