Report of Classis East

January 3,1974 

Southeast Prot. Ref. Church 

Classis East met in regular session on January 3, 1974 in Southeast Church. Each church was represented by two delegates. Rev. H. Veldman, whose turn it was to lead the classis in opening devotions, was absent due to mission work in Houston, Texas. Present at this classis and given advisory vote were Rev. G. Lubbers, Prof. R. Decker and Rev. D. Kuiper. 

The regular business of every session classis was conducted. The report of the Stated Clerk was received; the regular committees were appointed and reported. Elders T. Engelsma and C. Lubbers were appointed to the Finance Committee for this session. Expenses incurred for this session were $181.36. Elder J. M. Faber thanked the ladies of Southeast Church for their catering services. 

Classical appointments were requested by Prospect Park and by Classis West for help in filling South Holland’s pulpit. Rev. M. Schipper and Elders J. Boone and P. Bumham were appointed to construct the appointment schedule. Classis adopted the following schedule for these churches: PROSPECT PARK: January 20 and 27 – R. C. Harbach; February 3, 10, 17, and 24 – G. Lubbers; March 3, 10, and 17 – M. Joostens; March 24, 3 1, and April 7 – M. Schipper; SOUTH HOLLAND: January 20 – R. Van Overloop; February 10 – J. A. Heys; March 17 – C. Hanko; March 3 1 – H. Veldman. 

There was some unfinished business from previous classis which this session had to consider. In the first place, the matter referred to the consistories for study and response had to be treated. This matter had originally been brought by a consistory to the January 1973 classis, had been placed in committee, had been referred after the committee reported to the consistories and was now ready for final disposition. The final outcome was that Classis declared that the January 3, 1973 and June 27, 1973, classis had erred in entering the matter in the first place, since the matter had not been finished in the minor assemblies. Secondly, the church visitors appointed by the classis in its April session were scheduled to report. Again, however, due to the press of mission work, this committee was not able to report. This time classis decided to dismiss the committee altogether. 

Classis further busied itself with matters unique to a January session: subsidy requests, election of delegates ad examina and synodical delegates. 

Subsidy requests for the year 1975 were received from three churches, viz., Faith, Kalamazoo, and Prospect Park. Faith requested $4796 subsidy, Kalamazoo $4300, and Prospect Park $12,580 with a pastor and $3170 without a pastor. All these requests were granted and forwarded to Synod for final action. 

Delegates ad examina elected were Rev. Heys to a three-year primus term and Rev. R. Van Overloop to a three-year secundus term. 

Delegates to the 1974 Synod were elected. The result of that election is as follows: 

MINISTERS: Primi – C. Hanko, G. Lubbers, G. Van Baren, R. Van Overloop; Secundi – R. C. Harbach, J. A. Heys, M. Schipper, H. Veldman; ELDERS: Primi – T. Engelsma, J. M. Faber, J. Huisken, D. Kooienga;Secundi – P. Burnham, C. Lubbers, H. Meulenberg, J. Van Baren. 

After the questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and satisfactorily answered, Classis adjourned. The next session of Classis East will be held on April 3, 1974 in Hope Church. Rev. Schipper closed this session with a prayer of thanksgiving. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Stated Clerk 

Jon Huisken