Report of Classis East

July 3, 1974

Southwest Prot. Ref Church 

Classis East met in regular session on July 3, 1974 in Southwest Prot. Ref. Church with all the churches, except Prospect Park, represented by two delegates. Mr. Thomas Nelson, elder from Prospect Park, was present without credentials and thus could be given advisory vote only. Four elders, present at classis for the first time, signed the Formula of Subscription.

The business of this session was of a routine nature. The usual committees were appointed and the Stated Clerk submitted his report re correspondence. Serving on the Finance Committee were Elders A. Karsemeyer and J.N. Dykstra. Expenses of $152.15 were reported and authorized. Rev. J.A. Heys and Elders B. Windemuller and M. Klop served on the Classical Appointment Committee. The job of this committee was not an easy one. Seminary supply had been exhausted for the months of July and August. The following schedule, however, was adopted (it will be interesting to see if the East now gets its opportunity to read) for our Kalamazoo Church: July 14 – M. Schipper; August 4 – J.A. Heys; August 11 -M. Joostens; August 25 – H. Veldman; September 8 – R. Van Overloop; September 22 – G. Van Baren; October 6 – C. Hanko. 

The church visitors submitted a partial report of their labors. All visits have been made with the exception of Prospect Park. The report of the visitors is that “On the whole we may report that God has blessed our churches with faithful, dedicated servants, with love, peace, and unity in the congregations and with evidence that He is operating in our churches by His grace and Holy Spirit.” 

The Classical Committee reported on their transmittal of the ministerial credentials of Rev. Harbach to our Hope Church and of their appointing of Rev. Heys as the moderator of Kalamazoo. Rev. Harbach was, of course, noticeably absent from classis. Both Rev. and Mrs. Harbach and the work which Rev. Harbach is performing in Houston were remembered in the prayers offered at classis. 

After the asking and answering of the questions of Article 41 of the Church Order and the reading of the concept minutes, classis adjourned. Rev. H. Veldman led the classis in a prayer of thanksgiving. Classis will meet next, the Lord willing, on October 3, 1974 in Hudsonville. 

Respectfully submitted, Jon Huisken, Stated Clerk