Report of Classis East Convened Jan. 8, 1947 at Grand Rapids, Michigan

This meeting of Classis was held at Fuller Avenue, January 8, 1947.

The opening exercises were conducted by Rev. R. Veldman. After the singing of Psalter No. 132 he reads Psalm 121 and leads with prayer.

The credentials were read and received,showing that all the churches were represented at Classis. Classis then is declared constituted.

Rev. J. D. De Jong is called upon to preside and Rev. R. Veldman officiates as clerk.

The president addresses a word of welcome to Classis. He them asks the delegates who are present at the Classis for the first time to sign the Form of Subscription.

The minutes of the last meeting of Classis are read and approved.

Grand Haven comes to Classis with a request for classical appointments. Classis grants this request and appoints the following committee to draw up a schedule: Rev. G. Lubbers, Rev. B. Kok, and Elder I. Korhom.

A little later in the meeting this committee presented the following schedule, which was adopted by Classis:

Jan. 12, Rev. G. Lubbers

Jan. 19, Rev. H. De Wolf

Jan. 26, Rev. R Veldman

Feb. 2, Rev. M. Schipper

Feb. 9, Rev. J D. De Jong

Feb. 16, Rev. W. Hofman

Feb. 23, Rev. J. A. Heys

Mar. 2, Rev. M. Gritters

Mar. 9, Rev. H. Veldman

Mar. 16, Rev. S. Cammenga

Mar. 23, Rev. B. Kok

Classis now decides to ask the consistories the questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order. The questions are answered satisfactorily by the consistories.

The report of the Church Visitors is brief, characteristic of the fact that peace and harmony prevails in the churches and that conditions everywhere are about normal.

Fourth Church had not been visited by the committee. Classis decides to continue the committee so that they can finish their work.

A decision was made by Classis that henceforth the Church Visitors will be elected at the April Classis.

Classis also decides that from now on all overtures for Synod will be brought to the January meeting of Classis.

The following Synodical delegates are elected by Classis:



J. D. De Jong

J. A. Heys

H. Hoeksema

H. Veldman


M. Gritters

W. Hofman

M. Schipper

R. Veldman



D. Jonker

D. Langeland

G. M. Ophoff

N. Yonker


J. Buiter

R. Ezinga

A. Peterson

O. Van Ellen

Rev. W. Hofman was appointed by the chair to thank the ladies for their catering services.

The next meeting of Classis will be held, D. V., the second Wednesday in April at Fuller Ave.

The minutes are read and approved. Upon motion Classis decides to adjourn. After the singing of Psalter No. 326 the chairman closes with thanks to God.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk

N. B.I have sent out Subsidy Re-f quest blanks to various consistories. If there are others in need of them then please drop me a card.

D. Jonker,

1239 Bemis S., S. E.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.