REPORT OF CLASSIS EAST in session Oct. 15, 1947 at Grand Rapids, Mich.

This meeting of Classis was held at the Second Protestant Reformed Church, of Grand Rapids, Mich. The meeting was begun with the singing of Psalter No. 357. Rev. H. DeWolf then read I Peter 5 and led in prayer.

The Credentials were read and received, showing that all the churches’ were represented by two delegates at this meeting. Classis was then declared constituted.

According to rotation Rev. M. Gritters presided and Rev. H. DeWolf recorded the minutes.

The President speaks a word of welcome to the members of Classis and to the delegates from Classis West who were present for the examination of the two candidates, Mr. E. Knott and Mr. G. Vanden Berg.

Advisory vote was given to the Revs. Q. Vos, A. Cammenga, J. Blankespoor, W. Hofman, D. Jonker, and to Prof. K. Schilder.

The minutes of the previous meeting of Classis are read and approved.

The Committee on Church Visitation report that they have now finished their work.

The Consistory of Holland, Mich., and of the First Church of Grand Rapids, ask for Classical appointments. The following committee was appointed to draw up a schedule for classical appointments: Rev. H. Veldman, Rev. S. Cammenga and Elder H. E. Windemuller. They later presented the following schedule which was adopted by Classis.

Holland:—Oct. 19, Rev. J. D. DeJong; Oct. 26, Rev. J. A. Heys; Nov. 2, Rev. R. Veldman; Nov. 9, Rev. S. Cammenga; Nov. 16, Rev. G. Lubbers; Nov. 23, Rev. H. DeWolf; Nov. 30, Rev. H. Veldman; Dec. 7, Rev. M. Schipper; Dec. 14, Rev. M. Gritters; Dec. 21, Rev. G. VandenBerg; Dec. 28, Rev. B. Kok; Jan. 4, Rev. H. DeWolf.

First Church:—Nov. 9 (Eve.) Rev. J. A. Keys; Nov. 16, (Aft.) Rev. G. Lubbers; Nov. 23 (Eve.) Rev. G. VandenBerg Nov. 30 (Aft.) Rev. H. Veldman; Dec. 7 (Eve.) Rev. R. Veldman; Dec. 14 (Aft.) Rev M. Gritters; Dec. 21 (Eve.) Rev. S. Cammenga; Dec. 28 (Aft.) Rev. B. Kok; Jan. 4 (Eve.) Rev. J. D. DeJong.

The report of the Classical Committee, dealing mainly with the schedule of the Candidates E. Knott and G. VandenBerg is read and adopted.

Classis decided to give the examiners fifteen minutes for each locus of Dogmatics and fifteen minutes for each of the other subjects, while the time for the preaching of the sermons was set at thirty minutes. Candidate E. Knott delivers a thirty minute sermon on Rom. 1:16, 17, and Candidate G. VandenBerg on I Peter 1:13.

Rev. B. Kok examines the candidates n the first and second loci of dogmatics; Rev. H. DeWolf had been assigned the third and fourth loci; and Rev. J. D. De Jong examined them in the fifth and sixth loci. The examination in Controversy was ‘conducted by Rev. W. Hofman. Rev. H. Veldman examines them as to their knowledge of the Confessions; and Rev. M. Schipper in knowledge of the Scriptures; while Practica had been assigned to the Rev. M. Gritters.

After hearing the examination of the candidates and the reports of the Sermon Committee and of the delegates from Classis West, Classis unanimously decides to advise the consistory of the First Protestant Reformed Church in re Candidate E. Knott and the consistory of Grand Haven in re Candidate G. Vanden Berg to proceed with their ordination and installation.

The instructions of Oak Lawn and Fuller Avenue, dealing with the matter of obtaining contact with emigrants from the Netherlands are read and received for information. This matter was then referred to the Mission Committee for further action.

The Consistory of Holland requested the appointment of a counsellor. Classis decides to appoint Rev. B. Kok.

The request of Grand Haven for permission to ask for collections in the churches of Classis East is granted.

Fuller Avenue requests advice in re increase of censure in respect to two cases. After receiving the necessary information from the consistory, Classis decided to advise the increase of censure in both cases.

The voting for Classical Treasurer resulted in the re-election of Mr. F. La Grange, and the voting for one member of the Classical Committee resulted in the election of Rev. J. D. De Jong.

The next meeting of Classis will be held at the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids the first Wednesday of January, 1948.

The minutes of this Classical meeting are read and approved. After singing Psalter No. 71:1, 5, Rev. B. Kok closes with thanks unto God.

D. JONKER (Stated Clerk)