Classis East met in the new church building of our congregation at Kalamazoo on the morning of October 5, 1949.

Classis was called to order by Rev. G. Vos, the president of our last Classical meeting. Classis sings No. 374:1, 5 from the Psalter. Rev. Vos then reads Eph. 4 and leads in prayer.

The credentials are read and received. According to rotation Rev. J. Blankespoor is called upon to preside. He speaks a few words of welcome to the delegates.

Those who are attending the Classis for the first time sign the Formula of Subscription.

Rev. G. Vos gave the report for the Church Visitors. All the churches had been visited except Hudsonville. This report was received and the committee was further instructed to finish its work, Hamilton and Oak Lawn request Classical appointments. Classis grants these requests and decides to include preaching turns in Chattam also and to submit a schedule of the latter place to the Mission Committee for approval.

Later in the day the following schedule was presented by the committee and adopted by Classis.

Oak Lawn

Oct. 9 J. A. Keys; Oct. 16 J. Blankespoor; Oct. 23 M. Schipper; Oct. 30 H. Veldman. Nov. 6 G. Lubbers; Nov. 13 C. Hanko; Nov. 20 J. De Jong; Nov. 27 G. Vanden Berg. Dec. 4 G. Lubbers; Dec. 11 M. Schipper; Dec. 18 G. Vanden Berg; Jan. 5 R. Veldman.


Oct. 9 G. Lubbers; Oct. 16 C. Hanko; Oct. 23 B. Kok; Oct. 30 J. De Jong.

Nov. 6 R. Veldman; Nov. 13 G. Vos; Nov. 20 J. Blankespoor; Nov. 27 J. A. Heys; Dec. 4 G. M. Ophoff; Dec. 11 H. Veldman; Dec. 18 H. De Wolf; Jan. 8 B. Kok.


Oct. 9 G. Vos; Oct. 16 H. Veldman; Oct. 23 H. De Wolf; Oct. 30 J. Blankespoor. Nov. 6 J. A. Heys; Nov. 13 G. M Ophoff; Nov. 20 H. De Wolf; Nov. 27 B. Kok. Dec. 4 R. Veldman; Dec. 11 J. De Jong; Dec. 18 C. Hanko; Jan. 8 G. Vos.

A verbal request of Hamilton’s Consistory for some extra labor of the ministers that preach there on Sunday. Hamilton is advised to approach the various consistories of the ministers that preach there, with the request that their minister spend a few days during the week in Hamilton if this is possible.

A notification from Classis West relative a possible day of Commemoration of the 25th year Jubilee of our Churches is referred to the various consistories of Classis East.

Rev. B. Kok was appointed to convey a word of thanks to the ladies of our Kalamazoo Church for their excellent catering services.

Classis designated the First Church of Grand Rapids as our next meeting place.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order are asked and answered. The minutes are read and accepted. The president expresses his appreciation for the cooperation given him by Classis.

After the singing of Psalter No. 368:1, 3, 5 Rev. C. Hanko closes with prayer.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk