The opening exercises were conducted by Rev. C. Hanko. The credentials are read and accepted according to rotation. Rev. J. A. Heys presides. Rev. C. Hanko is asked to serve as clerk.

Grand Haven, Chatham and Randolph ask for Classical appointments. Classis decides to give Classical appointments to these churches, leaving them one open Sunday per month; and that the appointments shall be equally divided between all our ministers. A committee is appointed to draw up a schedule. They later present the following schedule, which was adopted by Classis:


October 8, H. Veldman October 15, G. Lubbers October 22, M. Schipper October 29, J. A. Heys November 5, R. Veldman November 12, C. Hanko November 19, J. Blankespoor December 3, B. Kok December 10, G. Vanden Berg December 17, E. Knott January 7, H. Veldman


October 8, B. Kok October 15, G. Vos October 29, J. Blankespoor November 5, H. Veldman November 12 J. A. Heys November 19, E. Knott November 26, G. Lubbers December 3, M. Schipper December 10, C. Hanko December 17, R. Veldman January 7, G. Vanden Berg

Grand Haven:

October 8, E. Knott October 22, C. Hanko October 29, G. Vanden Berg November 5, B. Kok November 12, M. Schipper November 19, G. Vos November 26, H. Veldman December 3, R. Veldman December 10, J. Blankespoor December 17, G. Lubbers December 31, J. A. Heys January 7, G. Vos

The Committee, appointed in re the status of the Stated Clerk, is continued.

The Consistory of Fuller Ave. protests the decision of the April Classis in re the protest of Mr. D. Jonker. Classis treats this protest point by point, and maintains the stand and the decision taken at the former meeting of Classis. However Classis does admit having erred technically in that prior to the adoption of Art. 36 they did not reconsider Art. 33.

The report of the Church Visitors showed that on the whole, the condition of the Churches is about normal. In Hamilton the questions as to what is “binding” in our churches was discussed at some length and the question as to what is the proper approach in presenting these matters to newly arriving immigrants.

The Consistory of Hamilton had decided to bring this problem to the Classis in connection with the report of the Church Visitors. In June, 1950, this Consistory had decided to receive members who would promise to be instructed in our truth.

Later the Consistory repudiated these decisions. Now they appeal to Classis to advise them in this matter. And Classis decided as follows:

“Classis advises the Consistory of Hamilton to maintain their decision which they took on their meeting of June 5, 1950, namely, to request prospective members to promise:

1. to allow themselves to be instructed in the Protestant Reformed doctrine, and

2. that they will not make propaganda for opinions that militate against the Protestant Reformed Theology.”

A request for support from the E.B.P. Fund by the studentsH. De B’olster and H. De Raad was received and referred to the E.B.P. Committee with recommendation to grant them their request.

There were three protests sent to Classis, against a decision of our last Synod. Two of these were referred back to the Consistories that brought them to Classis and the third protest was sustained by the Classis only in one point, the other three points were rejected.

There were two other protests of members against their Consistory. These protests were read and referred to a committee who will report to the next Classis and serve the Classis with advice in this matter.

Mr. F. La Grange was re-elected as Classical treasurer.

Classis decides to hold its next meeting on Wednesday, January 3, at the First Church of Grand Rapids.

The minutes are read and accepted, and Rev. G. Vos leads in the closing prayer.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk.

P.S.—I have sent the Acts of the 1950 Synod to the various Consistories. Some Consistory members in Classis East have taken extra copies to sell. How about Classis West? Are there some Consistory members there who are willing to sell extra copies? Let me hear from you.

Any one desiring a copy of the Acts and Yearbook, please contact the undersigned. The price is $1.00.

D. Jonker

1210 Wealthy St., S. E.

Grand Rapids 6, Mich.