June 3, M. Schipper June 10, H. Kuiper June 17, G. Vanden Berg June 24, E. Knott July 1, H. De Wolf July 8, A. Petter July 15, J. A. Heys

This meeting of Classis was held at Hudsonville. Rev. E. Knott calls the meeting to order. He reads a portion of Scripture and leads in prayer.

After the credentials are received and accepted, Rev. B. Kok is called upon to preside. The minutes of the January and February meetings are read and accepted.

Classis decides to take up the matter of the examination of Candidate H. II. Kuiper first. A letter from Classis is read, stating that Classis West has no Deputaten ad Examina.

Candidate Kuiper preaches a sermon on Romans 8:3, 4. Sermon critics: Rev. G. Vos and Rev. C. Hanko, He is further examined according to the following schedule:

Dogmatics, Loci I and II—Rev. G. Lubbers.

Dogmatics, Loci III and IV—Rev. M. Schipper.

Dogmatics, Loci V and VI—Rev. G. Vanden Berg.

Practica,—Rev. G. M. Ophoff.

After the examination Classis meets in closed session to hear the report of the sermon critics and to further discuss the examination with the result that Classis decided to advise Randolph to proceed to the ordination of Candidate H. H. Kuiper.

Rev. G. Vos, as the mouthpiece of Classis, announces to Candidate Kuiper the outcome of his examination, and further expresses the wish that God may bless him in his ministerial labors.

His credentials having been examined were declared in order. Classis also decided that he shall receive a Classical Diploma.

A letter from Hamilton is read, stating that they have separated themselves from our churches.

A committee was appointed to draw up an answer to this letter. They presented the following answer which was adopted by Classis:

Beloved Brethren in the Lord,

We, Classis East of the Prot. Ref. Churches, have received your communication under date Jan. 17, 1951. And we have taken the following decision:

“It is moved and supported that inasmuch as Hamilton’s Consistory has not walked in the way of Reformed Church Polity in not appealing their case to the next Synod, but contrary to all Reformed Church Polity have separated themselves from our federation of churches, and inasmuch as they who call themselves the Consistory of the Hamilton Prot. Ref. Church are not now the legal Consistory, Classis ignores their illegal missive, but also decided that a copy of this decision with an accompanying letter called them to repentance from the above mentioned sins be sent to this group, and that Classis further decide to proceed to the order of the day. Motion Carried.”

In the name of the King of the Church we call you to repentance from the sins enumerated in the above decision, and pray that God may give you His grace to heed this sincere admonition.

Your Brethren in Christ,

Classis East of the Prot. Ref. Churches.

Grand Haven asks for Classical Appointments. The following schedule was drawn up and adopted:

April 8, J. A. Heys                         June 3, M. Schipper

April 15, R. Veldman                    June 10, H. Kuiper

April 22, G. Vos                            June 17, G. VandenBerg

April 29, C. Hanko                        June 24, E. Knott

May 6, B, Kok                               July 1, D. De Wolf

May 13, H. Veldman                     July 8, A. Petter

May 20, J. Blankespoor                 July 15, J. A. Heys

May 27, G. Lubbers

A protest of Rev. A. Petter against the Declaration of Principles is read. This protest is ruled out of order because Rev. Petter did not come to Classis through his Consistory.

An instruction of Hamilton is read requesting disbanding of the congregation there.

In the Hamilton case the following decisions were made by Classis:

They were advised to disband since two families cannot very well constitute a congregation.

Classis will pay the moving expenses of Rev. Veldman from Hamilton to Grand Rapids.

Rev. H. Veldman is advised to bring his membership papers to one of our consistories so that his status as a minister of the Gospel may be maintained.

Classis declares that Rev. Veldman is eligible for a call.

Classis instructs its Classical Committee to give financial support to Rev. Veldman until Synod meets; and further decides to overture Synod to make the necessary provisions in this matter.

Brother S. Reitsma from Hamilton is advised to move to the vicinity of one of our churches.

The protests of the brethren H. De Raad, H. De Bolster and G. J. Koedoot were declared out cf order because their consistory was not yet finished with the matter.

A letter is received from a Committee of Classis West informing us that this committee is arranging for the printing of a Servicemen’s Meditations Booklet. This booklet will be made available to all our Consistories, and Consistories are requested to let the Stated Clerk knew how many copies they will need.

Chatham’s request of Classis East and Classis West, via Synod, that collections may be taken in all our churches in order that they may be enabled to buy a house for Rev. Petter, and in this way may receive sufficient money for the required first payment on this house. Classis granted this request.

Holland’s Consistory protests the decision of the last Classis with respect to giving away children for adoption and the upholding of the protestants Kortering and Van Putten.

Classis maintains its decision in this matter on the grounds that Holland’s Consistory did not bring any new grounds either for their own stand in this matter, nor against the action of Classis.

A protest of Mr. Van Putten against Classis is read. Classis maintains its former decision since the brother has again failed to prove his charges.

A letter of the Consistory of Holland, dealing with point 3 of their protest in re the candidacy of H. H. Kuiper is read. Classis decides to send this document through to Synod.

The following delegates to Synod were chosen:


Primi: H. Hoeksema, G. M. Ophoff, R. Veldman, G. Vos

Secundi: J. A. Heys, G. Lubbers, M. Schipper, G. VanderBerg


Primi: J. M. Faber, N. Kunz, D. Langeland, N. Yonker

Secundi: A. J. Kuiper, P. Lubbers, R. Newhouse, R. Regnerus

The following were chosen as Church Visitors: Primi: Rev. G. Vos and Rev. J. A. Heys; alternate Rev. C. Hanko,

The next meeting of Classis will be held in Holland, Michigan on July 11, 1951.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk