The opening exercises were conducted by Rev. B. Kok. After the singing of Psalter No. 88 he reads II Tim. 2 and leads in prayer.

The credentials are read and reveal that Chatham is represented only by the pastor, the rest of the churches are represented by two delegates.

Classis being declared constituted, Rev. H.H. Kuiper, according to rotation, is called upon to preside. He speaks a few words of welcome to the delegates.

A few delegates who are present for the first time sign the Formula of Subscription.

The minutes of the previous meeting of Classis are read and approved.

Grand Haven requests Classical appointments until the meeting of the next Classis. The following committee is appointed to draw up a schedule: Rev. J. Blankespoor, Rev. J.A. Heys and Elder G. Pipe. A little later the committee presents the following schedule, which was adopted by Classis:

July 22, Rev. B. Kok

July 29, Rev. R. Veldman

Aug. 12, Rev. G. Lubbers

Aug. 19, Rev. M. Schipper

Aug. 26, Rev. E. Knott

Sept. 2, Rev. G. Vos

Sept. 9, Rev. H. De Wolf

Sept. 16, Rev. J. Blankespoor

Sept. 30, Rev. H.H. Kuiper

Oct. 7, Rev. G. Vanden Berg

Oct. 14, Rev. A. Petter

Classis receives and accepts the invitation of Second Church to hold its next meeting there. In order not to conflict with the meeting of Synod, Classis decides to hold its next meeting the second Wednesday in October at Second Church.

The first Church of Grand Rapids asks advice in re the erasure of a baptized member.

After the consistory gives further information in this case, the consistory is advised to proceed with erasure.

The following instruction from Randolph is read:

“It is decided to request Classis to overture our next Synod to take steps toward active foreign Mission work on the grounds that:

1.  It is the injunction of Christ to His Church to evangelize throughout the whole world, beginning at Jerusalem.

2.  The latter has been done to the point where we are warranted to look for a broader field.

3.  The material (both finances and personal) seems now to be available.

4.  Our churches, also in this endeavor, have a calling distinctive from all others.”

Classis decides to send this overture through to our next Synod (1952).

Randolph, at their request, receive permission to ask for collections in the various churches of Classis East to help defray the cost of their newly acquired church building.

They were also granted permission to overture Synod for permission to ask for collections in Classis West.

The Church Visitors reported that “peace and harmony prevails in the congregations of Classis East”, that some consistories were advised, that due to the rising cost of living the pastor’s salary should be raised if at all possible; that the congregation of Randolph had purchased a basement church building furnished with seats and an electrified reed organ for the sum of $5000.00.

Rev. H. De Wolf and Elder R. Newhouse were appointed to thank the ladies for their catering services.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order are answered by the various consistories.

The minutes are read and approved.

A motion to adjourn carries. After the singing of Ps No. 203, Rev. G. Vos leads in the closing prayer.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk.