Report of Classis East . . . IN SESSION JULY 9, 1952 AT GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN

This meeting of Classis was held at the Creston Church in Grand Rapids.

Rev. G. Vanden Berg, the president of the last Classis, conducted the opening exercises. After the credentials were accepted and Classis was declared constituted, Rev. Van den Berg handed the hammer to Rev. R. Veldman, who, according to rotation, was called upon to preside. Rev. Veldman now speaks a few words, of welcome to the delegates.

Those delegates present for the first time at Classis sign the Formula of Subscription. Next the minutes of the previous, meeting of Classis are read and adop­ted.

Oak Lawn had an instruction at the last Classis con­cerning the decision taken April 4, 1951, which reads. Art. 28—“A report of the stated clerk is read that he has obtained the information in, regard to Oak Lawn’s overture of the last Classes, from the minutes of Aug. 31, 1927 to the effect that the material for Classis must be in the hands of the stated clerk four weeks before Classis.”

Oak Lawn asks, for a new ruling; or otherwise that Classis abide by the present ruling.

This matter is given into the hands of a committee. This Committee advises Classis; to rescind the decision that the material for classis must be in the hands of the Stated clerk four weeks before Classis. And with the grounds given they show that this decision is imprac­ticable, that it cannot be carried out.

Classis decided to rescind the above mentioned de­cision, and further not to follow the advice of Oak Lawn inasmuch as this request is not practical and does not serve the purpose intended by Oak Lawn to ascertain the length of the meeting.

Grand Haven requests classical appointments. Clas­sis grants this request. Later in the meeting the following schedule of appointments was adopted:


July 20—Rev. G. Lubbers

July 27—Rev. J.A. Heys

Aug. 3—Rev. G. Vos

Aug. 10—Rev. M. Schipper

Aug. 17—Rev. B. Kok

Aug. 24—Rev. R. Veldman

Aug. 31—Rev. H. De Wolf

Sept. 7—Rev. E. Knott

Sept. 14—Rev. Blankespoor

Sept. 21—Rev. G. Vanden Berg

Sept. 28—Rev. C. Hanko

Oct. 5—Rev. H.H. Kuiper


A document from the Canadian Reformed Church of Chatham is given into the hands of a committee to re­port at the next Classis.

A protest of the Creston Consistory against the de­cision of the last Classis in Art. 19 is read.

Classis decided to abide by its former decision on the grounds:

a)  that Classis does not accept the grounds offered by the protestant.

b)  that Classis does not offer new grounds.

c)  that, nevertheless, if there is sufficient ground for transfer, the consistory should grant membership papers to those requesting them, as expressed in Art. 82 D.K.O.

The church visitors reported that they had carried out their work and that, on the whole they had found that even though we are a militant church on earth, that there was unity and peace in cur churches.

The next meeting of Classis will be held Wed. Oct. 1 at the First Church of Grand Rapids.

The minutes were read and approved and Rev. M. Schipper led in the closing prayer.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk