Report of Classis East

September 8, 1982 

Hope Prot. Ref. Church 

Classis East met in regular session on September 8, 1982 at the Hope Protestant Reformed Church. With the exception of Kalamazoo, all the churches were represented by two delegates. A goodly number of visitors were also on hand. Rev. C. Haak opened the meeting with devotions. Rev. R. Hanko chaired this session of Classis. 

Classis had two matters before it which required considerable time. The first was a request from an individual for clarification of a decision taken at the January 13, 1982 Classis. There was also an appeal of the individual’s censure. The second was an overture from Faith Church requesting that Classis declare itself on the matter of women holding positions of authority over men in established institutions. Classis, as its rules require, placed both these matters in committees of pre-advice. 

With regard to the individual requesting clarification of the decision of the January Classis and with regard to his appeal of censure, Classis decided to declare these matters out of order and therefore did not enter into the material. The request for clarification was declared out of order on the grounds of Articles 30 and 31 (with footnotes) of the Church Order. The appeal of censure was declared out of order on the basis of Article 30 of the Church Order. 

With regard to the overture of Faith Church, Classis decided that the overture was out of order on the basis of Article 30 of the Church Order. 

In other matters of business, Classis extended the term of the stated clerk for three years and heard the final report of the church visitors. 

Expenses for this Classis amounted to $797.00. Classis will meet next on January 12, 1983 at First Church. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon Huisken 

Stated Clerk