May 12, 2010

Hope Protestant Reformed Church

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at the Hope PRC in Walker, MI. All the churches were represented by two delegates. Rev. A. Spriensma was the chairman for this session.

Two agenda items occupied the time of this classis: 1) The report of the Study Committee to advise classis on what procedure to follow when a minister resigns from the Protestant Reformed denomination, and 2) The report of the Classical Committee regarding their inquiry into whether Grace PRC gave proper admonition to Rev. M. Dick upon his leaving.

The study committee to bring advice regarding resignations advised that classis not adopt a written procedure to follow when a PR minister leaves our denomination for another. Because circumstances vary in every case, the committee advised that consistories should be allowed discretion in dealing with these circumstances as they arise. Classis adopted this advice.

The Classical Committee advised classis to declare that Grace PRC’s consistory failed to admonish Rev. Dick regarding his responsibility to uphold the vows he made as a member and minister of the PRC and regarding the spiritual dangers to him and his family by the doctrinal and practical errors officially held by the denomination to which he transferred. Classis did not adopt this advice.

Classis was in closed session to consider a discipline case.

Classis granted classical appointments to Cornerstone, Holland, Kalamazoo, and Trinity. A request was made to Classis West for help to supply the pulpit of Cornerstone.

The expenses of classis amounted to $493.50. Classis will meet next on September 8, 2010 at the Byron Center PRC.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon J. Huisken, Stated Clerk