Report of Classis East

Rev. A. den Hartog of Prospect Park, New Jersey, lead Classis in opening devotions. After the reading and acceptance of the credentials of the churches represented, Classis was declared properly constituted. At this time Rev. J. A. Heys, by order of rotation, took up the chairmanship. Before attending to the business of Classis, Rev. Heys addressed a few words of welcome to the delegates. 

As is usually the case with our July meeting of Classis, the business was routine and no extraordinary matter appeared on the Agenda. We can be thankful to our faithful God that He preserves unity and peace in the midst of our churches. 

The chair appointed a Finance Committee consisting of Elders E. Kortering and G. Bylsma. This committee reported a total expenditure of $318.90 for this session of Classis. Classis authorized payment of this amount. 

Due to the fact that there were three new faces at this classical meeting, the chair had difficulty selecting one to thank the ladies for their catering (the one who makes his appearance at Classis for the first time is usually appointed). However, he elected to have Elder C. Prince perform this duty. 

Kalamazoo, in the absence of an undershepherd, again requested classis to supply her pulpit. Elders T. Engelsma and A. Alphenaar were appointed with Rev. den Hartog to construct a schedule to supply the pulpit of Kalamazoo. Classis adopted the following schedule for Kalamazoo’s supply: July 25, Rev. C. Hanko; Aug. 8, Rev. G. VanBaren; Aug. 22, Rev. H. Veldman; Sept. 5, Rev. M. Joostens; Sept. 19, Rev. R. VanOverloop; Oct. 3, Rev. M. Schipper; and Oct. 10, Rev. J. Heys. 

The church visitors reported that they had visited the churches in the Michigan area, but that Prospect Park can expect a visit in the future. This report also reflected a spiritual welfare in our congregations. 

A motion prevailed that Classis meet next time on Oct. 6, 1976, at First Church. 

The questions of article 41 of the Church Order were asked. The Churches answered these questions satisfactorily and none desired the help of Classis in the government of their church. 

Rev. J. Heys made a few appropriate remarks thanking the delegates for their cooperation and asked Rev. H. Veldman to close this session with prayer. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Rev. M. Joostens, 

Asst. S.C. of Classis East