January 11, 1995

Southwest Protestant Reformed Church

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, January 11, 1995 at the Southwest Protestant Reformed Church. The church history class of Covenant Christian High. School was present for about an hour of the morning’s session. Rev. R. Cammenga chaired the meeting. Each church was represented by two delegates.

Classis heard the reports of the Stated Clerk, the Classical Committee, and the church visitors. There was one matter relating to the church visitors’ report that was dealt with in closed session.

Overtures to synod were sent by First Church, Grand Rapids, and Grandville. First Church is asking for a change in the calculation of families for synodical assessments. They wish to exclude those members in nursing homes who are unable to contribute financially to the church. This overture was sent to synod with the disapproval of classis on the same grounds that synod gave to other overtures from First Church dealt with by the Synods of 1983 and 1984.

The Grandville overture requested that the duties of the synodical stated clerk be expanded to include the following: “to inform those individuals, consistories, classes, committees, and organizations addressed or affected by a synodical decision of that decision. This shall be done within two months after synod adjourns.” The overture was sent to synod with the approval of classis on the grounds that this is good order and will deal with those affected by synod’s decisions in a brotherly way.

Classis heard the report of its special committee to investigate, at the request of synod, the continuing support, at present levels, of small, needy churches, giving special attention to the church extension work by these small churches. The committee reported on its visit to Covenant PRC, Wyckoff, NJ to discuss this matter with its consistory. The committee recommended that Covenant be given an adjustment in its subsidy for 1995 ($2,500) and for 1996 ($5,000) so that this congregation would have sufficient money to carry out a church extension program. Covenant presented classis with its proposed program to carry out such work. The classis approved the work of its committee and decided to forward its recommendations to synod.

Classis approved subsidy requests for 1996 from Kalamazoo ($9,000) and from Covenant ($38,500). Classis also approved Covenant’s request to contact the churches in Classis East for collections for their building fund.

Classis elected the following delegates to synod:Ministers: Primi: W. Bruinsma, B. Gritters, D. Kuiper, J. Slopsema,. R. VanOverloop; Secundi: R. Cammenga, M. Joostens, K. Koole, A. Spriensma, B. Woudenberg. Elders: Primi: D. Doezema, J. Kalsbeek, Jr., C. Kuiper, E. Ophoff, Sr., A. Rau;Secundi: K. Doezema, K. Elzinga, D. Lotterman, K Schipper, T. Spriensma. In other elections, Rev. R. Cammenga was elected to a three-year term asprimus delegate ad examina and Rev. J. Slopsema to a three-year term as secundus delegate ad examina. Rev. Koole was elected to a three-year term on the Classical Committee; Revs. Kuiper and Slopsema were chosen as church visitors with Rev. VanOverloop as alternate.

Classis granted classical appointments to Byron Center PRC as follows: (Evening service only) January 22—Joostens; January 29—Woudenberg; February 5—Van Overloop; February 12—Kuiper; February 19—Gritters; February 26—Cammenga; March 5—Bruinsma; March 12—Koole; March 19—Slopsema; March 26—Spriensma; April 2—Joostens; April 9—Woudenberg; April 16—VanOverloop; April 23—Cammenga; April 30—Gritters; May 7—Flikkema; May 14—Kuiper.

The expenses of classis amounted to $1,165.00. Classis will meet next at First PRC, Grand Rapids, on May 10, 1995.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon J. Huisken,

Stated Clerk