Report of Classis East

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, September 8, 1993 at the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids. The churches were all represented by two delegates. The business of this classis was routine; adjournment was at 10:30 a.m. Rev. A. Spriensma was the chairman for this session.

Classis heard the reports of the Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee. Classis also approved the report of the committee of classis appointed to visit Norristown.

Southwest requested classical supply only for the Sunday evening service of September 19. Rev. A. Spriensma was appointed to preach during this service. Southwest also expressed its gratitude to classis for the supply they have received from classis during the past months and reported that they are grateful to God for the support of the churches and for His supplying them with a new pastor, Rev. R. Cammenga.

The expenses of classis amounted to $1,095.05. Classis will meet next on January l2, 1994 at the Southeast PRC.

John J. Huisken

Stated Clerk