September 12, 1990


Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, September 12, 1990 at the Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. Each church was represented by two delegates.

The majority of the day was spent in deliberating a protest from Norristown regarding a decision made by the May 9/30 classis which instructed them to return to the use of The Psalter. Norristown protested that the May decision was arrived at illegally. Classis sustained the protest of Norristown with regard to legality but rejected the advice of its committee of pm-advice to allow Norristown to continue to use its own psalm book. Classis decided instead to sustain the original advice of the special committee sent by classis to Norristown that Norristown return to the use ofThe Psalter. The grounds for this decision (summarized) were that past synods have always considered The Psalter to be the official songbook of the denomination, that the imperfections indicated by Norristown ought to be dealt with by overture, and that the unity of the federation ought to be considered when congregations implement changes.

Classis also dealt with an overture from Hope Church requesting that the minutes of the classis be sent to each consistory. This overture was adopted and the minutes are in the mail.

Hudsonville and Kalamazoo requested classical appointments for Lame, Northern Ireland and Venice, Florida. Kalamazoo also requested appointments for its own congregation while Rev. Woudenberg is in Tasmania. The following schedule was adopted: LARNE: October 7, 14, 21—M. Kamps; November 18, 25, and December 2—B. Gritters; January 6, 13, 20—K. Hanko; VENICE: September 23, 30—R. Flikkema; October 7, 14—J. Slopsema; October 21, 28—K. Koole; KALAMAZOO: December 9—W. Bruinsma; December 16—J. Kortering; December 30—G. VanBaren; January 13—W. Bruinsma.

In other business, classis approved the request from Pella to request collections for their Building Fund and received an interim report from its church visitors.

Expenses for this classis were $1,988.10. Classis will meet next in Byron Center on January 9, 1991.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon J. Huisken

Stated Clerk