Classis met in regular session on January 13-14, 1993 at the Faith Protestant Reformed Church. This session was chaired by Rev. D. Kuiper. All the churches, with exception of Norristown, were represented by two delegates.

This was an eventful, and in several respects difficult, meeting of classis. The delegates witnessed the deposition of one minister, the leaving of another by virtue of his congregation withdrawing from the federation of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America, and the addition of a third by way of acolloquium doctum—a conversation about doctrine. The deposition was held in closed session and nothing more can be reported here about that process, but the consistory bringing the request to depose has sent an announcement about the outcome of this matter to all the churches in Classis East and in Classis West. The leaving pastor was Rev. Kenneth Hanko who, along with the congregation in Norristown, Pennsylvania, informed the classis that they were withdrawal from the Protestant Reformed Churches. The reason for their leaving centered on their disagreement with the decisions of Classis East and Synod regarding the use of The Psalter. Classis decided to acknowledge their leaving, to send a letter to them urging them to reconsider, and to appoint a committee to meet with them should they desire. An announcement to the churches, to be read on Sunday, January 17th, was also adopted. The churches gained a pastor in the person of Rev. Peter J. Breen by way of his sustaining his conversation about doctrine with the delegates of the classis and with the concurrence of the synodical deputies from Classis West.

In other business, classis did not approve an overture from First Church requested through the overture that material relative to personal discipline cases not be published in the agenda sent to the churches. Classis rejected the overture on the grounds that such material requires deliberate study by consistories and, especially, delegates, and therefore ought to be sent prior to the meeting of classis.

Classis always involves itself in much voting in the January meeting. The following delegates to synod were chosen: MINISTERS: Primi: W. Bruinsma, B. Gritters, K. Koole, D. Kuiper, J. Slopsema; Secundi:R. Flikkema, M. Joostens, A. Spriensma, G. VanBaren, B. Woudenberg; ELDERS: Primi: D. Engelsma, C. Doezema, C. Kalsbeek, G. VanOverloop, K. Vink; Secundi: H. Boer, P. Feenstra, D. Harbach, H. Langerak, T. Looyenga. Elected as delegates ad examina: Rev. D. Kuiper to a three-yearprimus term, Rev. B. Gritters to a three-year secundusterm, and Rev. B. Woudenberg to a three-yearsecundus term. Rev. A. Spriensma was elected to serve a three-year term on the Classical Committee. Revs. Kuiper and VanBaren were elected to serve as church visitors with Revs. Slopsema and Woudenberg as alternates.

Classis approved classical appointments for Southwest and Hudsonville and adopted the following schedule: SOUTHWEST (evenings): January 17—Slopsema (morning service), January 31—Woudenberg, February 7—Spriensma, February 21—Bruinsma, February 28—Gritters, March 14—Koole, March 21—Slopsema, March 28—Woudenberg, April 4—Spriensma, April 18—Kuiper, April 25—Koole, May 9—Flikkema, May 16—Kuiper; HUDSONVILLE(evenings): January 31—Koole, February 7—Slopsema, February 21—Woudenberg, February 28—Spriensma, March 7—Bruinsma, March 21—Kuiper, March 28—Koole, April 4—Slopsema, April 18—Slopsema, April 25—Woudenberg, May 2—Spriensma, May 16—Flikkema.

In financial matters, classis approved subsidy requests for 1994 in the amounts of $6,500.00 for Kalamazoo and of $32,500.00 for Covenant. The expenses for this session amounted to $1,823.15.

Classis will meet next in Southwest PRC on Wednesday, May 12, 1993.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon J. Huisken

Stated Clerk