Providence Protestant Reformed Church hosted Classis  East’s January 12, 2022 meeting. The meeting convened  with Rev. Joe Holstege, chairman of the last meeting,  leading in devotions. He made opening comments about  loving the church of Jesus Christ. Two delegates from  each of the nineteen churches of Classis East attended  in person, including the two delegates from Wingham,  Ontario, Canada. After Rev. Holstege declared classis  properly constituted, Rev. Bill Langerak took over the  chair.

With Rev. Langerak presiding over the meeting, classis  received reports from its stated clerk, church visitors,  and classical committee. Then classis took a break from  meeting in session to allow the committees of pre-advice  to get to work.

Two overtures were brought to classis. Classis rejected  both of them. A classical study committee had its advice  regarding suggested changes to the Rules of Classis  East regarding the work of the stated clerk recommitted.  Classis gladly received news from Unity PRC that  the consistory of Wingham PRC has been reconstituted  and the congregation reorganized (under the oversight  of Unity’s Consistory). A consistory sought and received  advice from classis to increase censure in two discipline  cases. Classis approved a pulpit supply schedule for  Grace and Hudsonville PRCs from February through  May. The expenses of classis totaled $2,782.

Classis elected men to serve as church visitors, on the  classical committee, as synodical deputies from the East,  and for Synod 2022. The following men were elected as  primi delegates to Synod 2022: Revs. N. Decker, R. Dykstra,  G. Eriks, R. Kleyn and W. Langerak; Elders Mike  Gritters, James Lanting, Sid Miedema, John VanBaren  and Dan VanUffelen. Secundi delegates to Synod 2022:  Revs. W. Bruinsma, J. Mahtani, M. McGeown, J. Smidstra,  C. Spronk; Elders Dave Bouwkamp, Gary Boverhof,  Vern Haveman, Doug Pastoor, and Tim Pipe, Jr.

Classis’ next meeting will be held, the Lord willing,  on May 11, 2022. It will be hosted by First PRC of Holland,  MI in the building of Redeemer Christian School  in Beaverdam.

Rev. Clayton Spronk,  Stated Clerk of Classis East