January 10, 1990

Hope Protestant Reformed Church

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, January 10, 1990 at the Hope Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids. Each church was represented by two delegates. Rev. G. Van Baren served as chairman of this session. Present at this session, at least for a short time, was the church history class of Covenant Christian High School.

Reports were received from the stated clerk, the classical committee, and from the church visitors. The only churches visited this past year were Norristown and Covenant. The report regarding these visits were treated in closed session and therefore the actions of classis can not be reported here.

One of the major items for classis’ consideration was an overture to synod from Rev. K. Hanko to compile a completely new psalter. This overture was sent to synod with the disapproval of classis on the grounds (summarized) (1) that an entirely new psalter is not necessary and (2) that such a project would not be wise with respect to our people and for the spiritual harmony of our churches.

Classis also heard appeals from two brothers against their consistory. Classis decided that the appeals were not finished in the consistory and therefore declared them not legally before the classis.

One other overture to synod was received from a brother regarding synod’s action with regard to a matter brought to an earlier synod. Classis decided that this overture was not legally before it since it judged the overture to be an appeal and therefore illegal in that appeals must appear at the very next synod. The overture will be sent to synod with this decision.

The January classis is the time when classis does its voting for positions on committees and for synodical delegates. Rev. M. Joostens was elected to a three-year primus term and Rev. K. Koole to a three-yearsecundus term as delegates ad examina. Rev. W. Bruinsma was elected to serve a three-year term on the classical committee. Rev. J. Kortering and Rev. G. Van Baren were elected to serve as church visitors, with Revs. Woudenberg and Slopsema as alternates. The following delegates to synod were elected: MINISTERS: Primi: M. Joostens, J. Kortering, J. Slopsema, G. Van Baren; Secundi: W. Bruinsma, B. Critters, M. Kamps, K. Koole. ELDERS: Primi: C. Kregel, C. Kuiper (SW), D. Lotterman, G. Terpstra;Secundi: G. Boverhof, H. Kuiper, Sr., C. Pastoor, R. Pastoor.

Expressions of thanks to the classis were given by Faith and Norristown for the pulpit supply given them in their vacancies. Subsidy requests were approved for 1991 for Kalamazoo for $6,500 and for Covenant for $28,000.

Expenses for this session of classis amounted to $1,612.49.

Classis will meet next in Kalamazoo on Wednesday, May 9, 1990.

Respectfully submitted,

John J. Huisken,

Stated Clerk