Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, September 10, 1986 and in continued session on Wednesday, October 15, 1986 at the Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. M. Kamps was the chairman for these sessions.

The main item of business at the September 10th meeting was the examination of the pastor-elect of Southeast, Steven Key. After preaching a sermon onPsalm 25:14, Pastor-elect Key was examined in the six loci of dogmatics, in the knowledge of scripture and the confessions, in controversy, and in practical matters. The delegates to classis along with the delegates and examina from Classis West gave unanimous consent to the examination and authorized Southeast to proceed with Pastor-elect Key’s ordination and installation. By now he is in full harness.

Classical appointments were requested by Hope and the following schedule was adopted: October 5—Bekkering, October 19—Gritters, October 26—Joostens; November 2—Kamps, November 16—Key, November 30—Kortering, December 7—Miersma, December 21—Van Baren, December 28—Bekkering, January 4—Gritters, January 18—Joostens. Rev. B. Woudenberg was appointed to fill the pulpit of Covenant for the Sundays of September 28 and October 5.

Classis also busied itself for a time on September 10th with the consideration of what to do with the protests from six individuals and one consistory regarding Classis’ decision on marriage, divorce and remarriage as raised in the Wyckoff case. Classis decided that the protests were legally before it and to appoint a committee of pre-advice to study the protests and bring advice to a continued session of classis on October 15th.

At its October 15th meeting, Classis read the protests re the Wyckoff matter and heard the report of its committee of pre-advice. Classis adopted the analysis and evaluation of this committee and its advice, viz., to sustain the decision of the May classis (for details of this decision see the “Report of Classis East” in the June 1st issue of the Standard Bearer).

Expenses for both sessions amounted to $2094.91.

Classis will meet next on January 14, 1987 at First Church.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Huisken

Stated Clerk