Report of Classis East

May 14,1980 

Southeast Prot. Ref. Church 

Classis East met in regular session on May 14, 1980 at Southeast Church. With the exception of Kalamazoo, the churches were each represented by two delegates. Rev. R. Hanko had his initiation as chairman. 

Hope and Holland requested classical appointments. The following schedules were approved: HOPE: June 1—Bruinsma, June 15 (eve)—Haak, June 22 (eve)—Haak, June 29 (both)—Joostens, July 13 (eve)—Bruinsma, July 20 (eve)—Bruinsma, August 3 (both)—Haak, August 17 (both)—Van Baren, August 31 (both)—Joostens; HOLLAND: June 8—DeVries, June 22—R. Hanko, July 6—VanBaren, July 20—DeVries, August 3—R. Hanko, August 17—Bruinsma, August 31—DeVries, September 14—Haak. 

The report of the church visitors was given. The report began with the words, “It was extremely gratifying to find peace, harmony, and unity prevail in all of our churches,” and ended with this prayer, “May God continue to bless our churches and spur us on to stand for the truth entrusted to us, and zealously strive to grow in sanctification to His glory.” 

The Stated Clerk brought two proposals which were adopted by the Classis: 1) that the rule of classis that material be in the hands of the Stated Clerk ten days prior to the convening of the meeting be, changed to read that material must be in the hands of the Stated Clerk at least three weeks prior to the meeting. 2) that the classical archives be microfilmed at an approximate cost of $1500.00. 

It was noted that this would be the last time that Rev. Heys would serve in official capacity as a delegate to classis. The chairman expressed thanks to Rev. Heys for the years of service which he has given both to the classis and to the churches. 

Classis will meet next at First Church on September 10, 1980.

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon Huisken 

Stated Clerk