May 11, 1988 

Hope Protestant Reformed Church

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, May 11, 1988 at the Hope Protestant Reformed Church. Each church was represented by two delegates. Rev. B. Woudenberg led in opening devotions after which Rev. R. Flikkema served as chairman. Of note at this meeting was the attendance of Mr. Cal Kalsbeek’s church history students at Covenant Christian High School. 

The business of this session, except for two items, was routine. Reports were heard from the Stated Clerk and from the Classical Committee. A brief report was received from the committee appointed to assist Faith Church. 

Classis considered, and approved, an overture from Byron Center to raise (from $30 to $50) the payment of lost wages to elders in attendance at classis. Classis also considered one discipline matter in closed session. 

Holland and Faith requested classical appointments. The following schedules were adopted: HOLLAND: May 22—Kamps, June 5—Van Baren, June 12—Slopsema, July 3—Woudenberg, July 10—Kortering, July 17—Gritters, July 24—Jostens, August 7—Key, August 14—Slopsema, August 21—Van Baren, September 4—Woudenberg, September 11—Kortering, September 18—Gritters. FAITH: May 29—Kortering, June 5—Woudenberg, June 26—Gritters, July 3—Joostens, July 10—Key, July 17—Slopsema, July 24—Kamps, July 31—Van Baren, August 7—Woudenberg, August 14—Kortering, August 21—Gritters, August 28—Joostens, September 4—Slopsema, September 11—Kamps, September 18—Key. 

Expenses of classis amounted to $880.00. 

Classis will meet next on Wednesday, September 14, 1988 at Byron Center.

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon J. Huisken 

Stated Clerk