Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, January 14, 1987 at the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids. All the churches were represented by two delegates. Rev. J. Kortering was the chair of this session.

An overture to synod to amend its 1960 decision on the baptism of adopted children was forwarded with the disapproval of classis. The grounds (summarized) were (1) that the brother had not shown that the 1960 decision needed amending and (2) that apart from the present practice of rarely removing children from adoptive parents, the legal aspect of baptism requires that all the legal aspects of the adoption must be completed before baptism be administered since only legal parents or guardians may present a child for baptism.

Appeals to synod re classis’ decisions on marriage, divorce and remarriage were heard and forwarded to synod for adjudication. Classis considered the matter finished at this level since the essential arguments and principles had been considered and answered.

A protest of a synodical decision to suggest revision of the constitution of the Contact Committee was forwarded to synod without comment on the ground that this was a procedural matter and only synod could decide on matters of its own procedure.

Classis also considered a protest from a brother against advice given him by a consistory re visitation of his children with his divorced spouse. Classis decided that the protest was not legally before it since it violated the stipulations of Article 31 of the Church Order.

Subsidy requests for 1988 were received from Covenant in the amount of $27,000 and from Kalamazoo in the amount of $7,000. These requests were approved and forwarded to synod. Covenant also requested adjustment of their 1987 subsidy from $17,800 to $26,000. Grounds for the adjustment were that the size of the congregation has decreased from 11 families to 7 and that there has been an increase in expenses. Classis approved this adjustment.

The following delegates ad examina were chosen: Rev. W. Bekkering to a three-year primus term, Rev. J. Slopsema to a three-year secundus term, and Rev. R. Miersma to a one-year secundus term. Rev. S. Key was elected to serve a three-year term on the classical committee. Delegates to synod are as follows: MINISTERS: Primi: M. Joostens, M. Kamps, J. Kortering, J. Slopsema; Secundi: W. Bekkering, B. Gritters, R. Miersma, B. Woudenberg; ELDERS:Primi: D. Doezema, D. Engelsma, C. Prince, R. Teitsma; Secundi: P. Koole, C. Kuiper, G. Kuiper, J. Van Baren. Revs. Heys and C. Hanko were chosen as church visitors.

Expenses amounted to $817.75. Classis will meet next on Wednesday, May 13, 1987 at Southeast Prot. Ref. Church.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Huisken,

Stated Clerk