Looking back upon this Classis meeting it may be said that it was a good day in which the work Classis had to perform was done with dispatch. Rev. G. VandenBerg was the chairman and Rev. M Schipper took minutes. All the churches in Classis East were represented by two delegates, so that Classis was constituted of 24 members. Classis adjourned Wednesday evening at 6:30 o’clock.

There are a few matters taken care of by Classis which are worthy of a little more detailed report. We refer to the following matters:

First of all there is the matter of the redistribution of the churches in the respective Classes, East and West. This matter was sent to Classis West by the Doon consistory, and Classis West overtured Synod thus to do. This matter affected Classis East churches. Synod decided to ask approval of Classis East. The July Classis decided to table it till January 5, 1955, Classis. Hence, this Classis took action in re this matter. The following decision was taken: “A substitute motion is made that Classis decide to maintain the Status Quo of the present distribution of Classes and Churches since we are in a period of flux, and that we so advise Classis.” Article 11

Secondly, there was a report from a committee of pre-advice on an instruction sent to Classis of October 1954, by the consistory of Grand Haven in regard to studying whether we should not return to one Classis in the entire denomination and to three Classes per year. Classis decided that “the matter of the study committee appointed to give advice in Grand Haven’s instruction ‘be tabled,’ till the July Classis, 1955.”

Classis received requests for subsidy from the consistories of Creston, Fourth Church, Grand Haven, Oak Lawn and Randolph. Kalamazoo requested permission to file their request on the April Classis. This request was granted. These requests will be forwarded by Classis to Synod.

Kalamazoo requests a moderator. Rev. M. Schipper is chosen to be their moderator. Creston requests Classis that Rev. C. Hanko be appointed moderator. Request granted.

A consistory requests advice in regard to increasing censure on eight persons. The consistory is advised to proceed with the “Second Step.”

Hope’s consistory instructs Classis to overture Synod to supply our churches with Catechism books for our children. It is decided that we request Rev. P. De Boer to have 500 copies of the various books printed and that he send them to us. First Church will perform this work. It was also decided to overture Synod to appoint a committee to provide books for the future.

Classis assigned Classical appointments as follows:

Creston: Feb. 6—J. McCollam, Feb. 13—G. Lanting, Feb. 20—_____, Feb. 27—J. Heys, March 6—R. Veldman, March 13—M. Schipper, March 20—_____, March 27—G. Vos, April 3—G. VandenBerg, April 10—E. Emmanuel.

S. Holland: Jan. 9—G. Lanting, Jan. 16—M. Schipper, Jan. 23—G. Vos, Jan. 30—G. VandenBerg, Feb. 6—R. Veldman, Feb. 13—_____, Feb. 20—J. McCollam, Feb. 27—_____, March 6—G. Vos, March 13—_____, March 20—J. Heys, March 27—_____, April 3—_____, April 10—_____.

Kalamazoo: Jan. 9—E. Emmanuel, Jan. 16—_____, Jan. 23—J. Heys, Jan. 30—_____, Feb. 6—M. Schipper, Feb. 13—_____, Feb. 20—G. VandenBerg, Feb. 27—_____, March 6—_____, March 13—G. Lanting, March 20—J. McCollam, March 27—R. Veldman, April 3—_____, April 10—G. Vos.

Since Rev. G. Lubbers has accepted the call to the home missionary of our Churches, Classis accepted his resignation as Stated Clerk of Classis East, made a resolution to thank him for his labors performed in the past, and proceeded to choose a new Stated Clerk, Rev. M. Schipper is chosen. His address is: 1900 Belden, S.W., Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Consistory Clerks, please take note!)

Classis also chose delegates to the June Synod, 1955. The following are chosen:

Ministers – Primi: C. Hanko, H. Hoeksema, M. Schipper G. Vos. Secundi: J. Heys, G. Lanting, G. VandenBerg, R. Veldman

Elders – Primi: H. Meulenberg, R. Newhouse, G. Pipe, H. Zwak. Secundi: H. DeJong, L. Lanting, R. Regnerus, P. Schipper

The questions of Article 41 of the Church Order are read. Only one consistory had a question upon which they needed advice.

Rev. G. Lubbers speaks a word of “farewell” to Classis and Rev. G. Vandenberg responds, commending the brother to the care and guidance of God, assuring him of our collective and individual prayers.

After Classis sings Psalter no. 346, Rev. R. Veldman leads Classis in closing prayer.

M. Schipper, Stated Clerk