April 6, 1955 in the Hope Prot. Ref. Church

The meeting began with the singing of Psalter No. 170, after which Rev. G. VandenBerg, chairman of the former Classis, read II Cor. 4 and led in prayer.

Credentials from the twelve churches residing in this Classis were received, and Classis, consisting of 24 members, is declared constituted. The Rev. R. Veldman presides, and Rev. G. VandenBerg functions as secretary.

The chairman welcomes those delegates who were present for the first time among whom was the Rev. H.C. Hoeksema who came to this Classis recently from Classis West. 

The Stated Clerk read the minutes of the last Classical meeting. There were adopted.

The chairman appoints a committee of two, J.M. Faber and H.G. Kuiper, to approve of travel and wage expenses for this season.

The Churches of Hope, Creston, Kalamazoo requested Classical appointments. A committee was appointed to form a schedule, and later the following schedule was adopted:

Hope—April 17, J. McCollam; May 1, G. Lanting; May 8, G. Vos; May 15, E. Emmanuel; May 22, G. VandenBerg; June 5, R. Veldman; June 12, H.C. Hoeksema; June 26, M. Schipper; July 3, C. Hanko.

Creston—April 24, M. Schipper; May 8, R. Veldman; May 15, J. McCollam; May 22, G. Lanting; June 5, H.C. Hoeksema; June 12, C. Hanko; June 19, G. Vos; July 3, G. VandenBerg; July 10, E. Emmanuel.

Kalamazoo—April 24, H.C. Hoeksema; May 1, G. VandenBerg; May 8, M. Schipper; May 15, C. Hanko; May 22, G. Vos; June 5, E. Emmanuel; June 19, J. McCollam; June 26, G. Lanting; July 3, R. Veldman.

The Stated Clerk gave his report of correspondence. The Committee to audit the books of the Emergency Finance Committee gave its report and the Classical Committee rendered its report. All these were received for information.

Kalamazoo came to Classis with request for subsidy. Classis approves their request and sends it on to Synod.

A letter from the Stated Clerk of Classis West is received for information. Classis West requests on sermon from each of the ministers of Classis East for reading services. Classis grants request. Also a letter from Rev. M. Gritters relative to former correspondence was received for information.

The committee appointed to compose a Constitution for the Classical Committee in conjunction with Classis West reads its proposed constitution. With a few alterations this proposed Constitution is adopted.

Classis now votes for Delegate Ad Examina. Those chosen are: Primi: Revs. C. Hanko, M. Schipper, and G. VandenBerg. Secundi: Revs. G. Lanting and R. Veldman. Term for three years.

Classis also votes for one member on the Classical Committee to replace Rev. J. Heys. Rev. R. Veldman is chosen.

Also Classis votes for one minister to replace Rev. J. Heys as secundus delegate to Synod. Rev. G.M. Ophoff is chosen.

Church Visitors for this year are elected. Those chosen are the Rev. G. Vos and Rev. M. Schipper. Rev. R. Veldman is alternate.

Classis decides to meet in Creston the next time, July 6th, D.V.

The Stated Clerk is instructed to write letters to the Rev. G. Vos and elder N. Yonker of our Grand Haven church, both of whom could not attend Classis because of illness.

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order are read and satisfactory answered.

There being no further business, the Classis adjourned at noon. Elder J.M. Faber led in the closing prayer.

Rev. M. Schipper, Stated Clerk