Report of Classis East meeting held January 4 at Southeast Protestant Reformed Church

Rev. A. Mulder led in opening devotions and declared Classis properly constituted when all the credentials of the various delegates were received and accepted. Each church was represented by two delegates. 

Rev. M. Schipper then took the chair and Rev. Mulder transcribed the minutes. 

Much of the work of classis was of a routine nature. Reports of the Stated Clerk and Classical appointments were received for information. Classis also treated subsidy requests from the following churches: Holland, Creston, Grand Haven and Kalamazoo. Classis decided to advise Synod to grant these requests. Also there were three requests for Classical appointments. Classis adopted the following schedule: Grand Haven, Jan. 15—G. Vos, Feb. 5—M. Schipper, Feb. 12—G. Lanting, Feb. 26—H. Hanko, March 5—A. Mulder, March 19—C. Hanko, March 26—G. Vos. Creston: Jan. 29—A. Mulder, Feb. 5—C. Hanko, Feb. 19—G. Vos. Feb. 26—M. Schipper, March 12—R. Veldman, liar. 19—G. Lanting, March 26—H. Hanko. Randolph: Jan, 15—G. Lanting, Jan. 29—H. Hanko, Feb. 12—R. Veldman, Feb. 26—C. Hanko, March 19—M. Schipper, March 16—4. Mulder, Apr. 9—R. Veldman. 

Classis spent considerable time treating the protest of a brother against his Consistory. Classis advised that the Consistory was in error, and should rectify the error. 

Delegates were chosen to attend the 1961 Synod as follows: MINISTERS—Primi: M. Schipper, G. Vos, C. Hanko, H. Hoeksema. Secundi: H. Hanko, G. Lanting, A. Mulder, R. Veldman. ELDERS—Primi: H. Meulenberg, T. Engelsma, R. Newhouse, H. G. Kuiper.Secundi: J. Swart, G. Pipe, R. Ezinga, P. Schipper. 

Chosen to serve as delegate ad examina: Primus—M. Schipper, Secundus—R. Veldman. 

Rev. G. Vos was appointed to thank the ladies of Southeast Church for their excellent catering services. 

Classis decided to meet next time on April 5, 1961 at Hope Church. Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily, Rev. G. Vos closed this meeting with thanksgiving, a meeting which was marked by the usual congenial and brotherly spirit. 

M. Schipper, Stated Clerk