In session July 6, 1955 in the Hudsonville Prot. Ref. Church

Rev. R. Veldman, chairman of the April Classis, led in devotions. We sang Psalter No. 203. He read Psalm 121and offered prayer.

All the churches were represented with proper credentials. However, two of the eleven churches had only one delegate.

After Classis was declared constituted, the Rev. G. Vos, following the order of alphabetical rotation, took the chair, while the Rev. R. Veldman served as secretary.

Delegates who came to Classis for the first time were given opportunity to sign the Formula of Subscription after which the minute of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The chair appointed the brethren Rev. G. Lanting and elder W. Klaassen to serve as Finance Committee for this session of Classis which committee later reported.

Three churches requested Classical appointments. The chair appointed the Revs. C. Hanko and G. VandenBerg and elder J. Boelema to arrange the schedule. Their report which was later adopted was as follows:

Creston—July 24, C. Hanko; July 31, G. VandenBerg; Aug. 14, G. Vos; Aug. 28, R. Veldman; Sept. 4, J. McCollam; Sept. 25, G. Lanting; Oct. 2, M. Schipper.

Hope—July 24, R. Veldman; Aug. 7, E. Emmanuel; Aug. 14, J. McCollam; Aug. 21, G. Lanting; Sept. 11, M. Schipper; Sept. 18, G. Vos; Sept. 25, C. Hanko.

Kalamazoo—July 31, G Vos; Aug. 14, M. Schipper, Sept. 4, G. Lanting; Sept. 18, R. Veldman; Sept. 25, J. McCollam; Oct. 2, G. Vos; Oct. 9, C. Hanko.

The Stated Clerk read his report re correspondence which was received for information. He called attention also to two matters: 1. The request from Classis West for written sermons. 2. The tabled overture of Grand Haven re the structure and meeting of Classis.

Re the first matter, the chair exhorted our ministers to send in to Classis West the promised written sermons.

Re the tabled overture of Grand Haven, Classis decided: 1. Re the item of a combined Classis to refer Grand Haven to the decision of Synod 1955 in re the redistribution of the Classes. 2.Re the number of Classical meetings, that Grand Haven be referred to Article 41 of the Church Order, the second sentence. 

The Church visitors rendered a written report of their completed work which was received for information.

A consistory asks Classis for advice re the erasure of a baptized member. Classis advises to proceed with erasure.

Classis decides to meet next time, October 5, in Fourth Church.

The Classical Committee read its report which Classis also receives for information.

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked of each consistory and answered satisfactorily.

There being no more business Classis adjourned at noon. After the Rev. G.M. Ophoff led us in the closing prayer, the members of Classis retired to the basement of the church to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the Martha’s of our Hudsonville church.

M. Schipper, Stated Clerk