Report of Classis East in session Oct. 5, 1960 at Hudsonville, Michigan 

Rev. G. Lanting, president of our July Classis, presided over the opening devotions, and after credentials of the delegates were accepted, declared the Classis properly constituted. 

Rev. A. Mulder, following the order of rotation, then took the chair and ably presided over this session, while Rev. Lanting recorded the minutes. 

All the churches of Classis East were represented by two delegates each. A very fine spirit prevailed, and the work of Classis was carried out in good order. The routine reports of the Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee were received for information. 

Two missives were received and treated by Classis. The first came from Classis West in which Classis. East was requested to continue supplying the congregation at Randolph, Wisconsin with classical appointments, and the ministers of Classis East were asked to supply Classis West with two sermons each for reading purposes. Classis acted favorably in regard to both of these requests. The second was an overture of First Church in which it was recommended that the Classical Committee determine whether or not the July 1 Classis is to meet hereafter. The grounds offered was the lack of business, which did not warrant the expense and delegates’ time in the July session. Classis did not act favorably on this overture because should the overture be heeded, we would violate the Church Order as stipulated in Art. 41. 

Besides the request to supply Randolph, the churches at Grand Haven and Creston also requested classical appointments. The following schedule was adopted:Randolph: Oct. 23—H. Hanko, Oct. 30—A. Mulder, Nov. 6—C. Hanko, Nov. 20—R. Veldman, Dec. 4—M. Schipper, Dec. 18—G. Lanting, Jan. 8—A. Mulder.Creston: Oct. 16—C. Hanko, Oct. 30—G. Laming, Nov. 6—M. Schipper, Nov. 13—G. Vos, Nov. 27—A. Mulder, Dec. 11—H. Hanko, Jan. 8—R. Veldman.Grand Haven: Oct. 23—R. Veldman, Oct. 30—G. Vos, Nov. 20—G. Lanting, Nov. 27—H. Hanko, Dec. 4—C. Hanko, Dec. 18—G. Vos, Jan. 8—M. Schipper. 

Rev. M. Schipper was re-elected, to serve as Stated Clerk, and the brethren Revs. R. Veldman and G. Lanting were chosen to serve on the Classical Committee, the latter being re-elected. Classis decided to meet next time on January 4 at Southeast Church. 

Brother C. Lubbers was appointed to thank the ladies’ of the Hudsonville Church for their excellent catering services. 

After the questions of Article 41, of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily by each consistory, and the minutes were adopted, the Rev. R. Veldman closed the meeting with thanksgiving to God.

—M. SCHIPPER, Stated Clerk